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Anonymous at 11:11AM, Dec. 15, 2005
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In the wake of the death of the Duck, I have heard people ask when DD will return to the way it was. The reply I constantly hear is “Volte does not want to do that, so DD is gone forever.” I mean no offense to Volte or anyone else, but If the old host does not want to do it, then somebody else should pick up the mantle of hosting and form new website. If people really want DD to return the way it was, then this may be the only solution. I would do it, except I am 13 and my parents won't let me use the computer that much. Still, there must be something we can do rather than wait for Drunk Duck to re-appear. Volte6 may not want to do it, but someone out there must have the determination and time to do so.
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Ronson at 11:37AM, Dec. 15, 2005
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Right now, discussions are underway for an open development of a new drunk duck, where several coders are involved in any new incarnations of Drunk duck - including the possibility of hosting accounts.

But there's always room on the internet for another webcomics community. So I agree with you.
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Randal at 4:11AM, Dec. 16, 2005
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myself and a few others have an “almost free” hosting site in the works, but it's not ready yet. (“almost free” refers to a one time start up fee of $1US per comic hosted for a basic account. I was initially opposed to this, but people keep telling me it's reasonable.)

If you want to know more about it, p.m. myself or HPK, though it's unknown as of yet how soon it will be available or how many people will be able to use it.

Though starting our own site, we hope to continue our long affiliation with Drunk Duck in whatever capacity Dylan decides to continue it as, as well as our friends at Night Gig.
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