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Contest: Superheroes! (Win Comicbooks!)
hpkomic at 9:42PM, May 31, 2006
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So, I have volumes 1-3 of The Walking Dead in excellent condition, because I just bought myself the Hardcover edition. So I need to unload these old books. I'll provide a photo of them later to show you they're in as good a shape as I claim. Not only this, but the winner will also recieve a copy of Spider-Man: The Legend of the Spider-Clan (though it is in rougher shape, it's still pretty much redable, it pops out of it's cover, but glue'll fix that). On top of all that, I will also be giving away the first full volume of Akira! So, that's 5 full trade paperbacks.

So what do you guys need to do?

I need superheroes. I need them for my other comic, Warped. You'll get full credit for your contribution in the comic, and it's your superhero, you can use him/her/it elsewhere, you just give me the right to use it as well. That's it.

Now for the details. The superhero needs to be of a quality that DC/Marvel would use, and if it's a pastiche of one of their heroes, then it better be damn good.

I'll even let YOU vote on the winner. I will set a deadline eventually, make sure all entries are in, and we'll vote. Maybe we can even make one page comics showing the heroes in action? Doing their thing. Really wow voters you know?

You can submit as many heroes as you wish.

In order to submit though, and to be informed of further details, you'll need to visit the thread in the nighgig forum.

Hoping to see some neat characters.
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