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Glarg at 2:32PM, Aug. 30, 2007
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Alright, so I'm walking through a pet store to get a leash for my next door neighbors dog when I hear alot of chirping from one isle. This peaked my curiosity so I checked to see what all of this noise was.

Well it seemed like cockatiels were being sold for 50% off price and they were LOADED with them (I mean LOADED!). I looked off to buy one, they were all so noisy and hyper it was hard to pick. I kept looking until a certain loner caught my eye. This cockatiel was separated from the rest and sitting in the corner with those feathers on it's head down…similar to my hair. It was so calm and peaceful, and the other cockatiel wanted nothing to do with it. Immediately I fell in love with it and bought it, put it in a cage next to my computer, and fed it mashed crickets (mmm mm crickets).

Has any other DDer have any pets they fell in love with? Found a stray, bought one, one of your older animals had a few babies?

Also pictures of your furry/feathery/scaly/bald friends would be greatly appreciated.
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qdawg at 3:38PM, Aug. 30, 2007
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Sorry no McPicture. Last year a friend of mine's dog had puppies. The fam had been dogless for several years and I hate the cats we have so I begged. She caved and I went over to get one. There were black ones and white ones some mixed most had shaggy fur but one was yellow with short fur. He was trying to get some attention from the others but they wasn't havin it. I was like, “ Oh shizzle, son. Get that pimp right there.” And we did. I named him Leroy. He's a beast.
Rockin it fatboy style.
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usedbooks at 3:58PM, Aug. 30, 2007
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My newest additions. Rat pups! (ten days old) :) They are eleventh generation in my lines. I also have 23 adults. I love my fuzzy family. I'm keeping the three shown. The others have been reserved by other loving families.

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Cthulhu at 5:47PM, Aug. 30, 2007
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They are eleventh generation in my lines.
WOW. You take very good care of your rats, usedbooks.

(I'll post a picture of my dog… Tomorrow?)
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Glarg at 6:02PM, Aug. 30, 2007
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My newest additions. Rat pups! (ten days old) :) They are eleventh generation in my lines. I also have 23 adults. I love my fuzzy family. I'm keeping the three shown. The others have been reserved by other loving families.

Aww they look so cute, What do you feed rats that haven't aged enough to have teeth, Milk?
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usedbooks at 6:13PM, Aug. 30, 2007
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Aww they look so cute, What do you feed rats that haven't aged enough to have teeth, Milk?
That's up to their mom. ;)

(I have had to care for orphans before, but that isn't easy…)
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Masq at 12:07AM, Aug. 31, 2007
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My mom wanted a kitten, so we went to our local shelter and looked at their kitten section. We found a mama with a huge litter of kittens, and we picked the smallest boy we found because he was so tiny and hyper. Although the shelter lied about how old he was (he was a LOT younger than what we were told), we kept him and gave him all the love in the world. We don't know what it is, but our Jack has this charisma of which other people just fall in love with him.

That's him a couple years later, and while he's going into that rebellious teenager phase, he's still a cuddly kitty!

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supermathsbeaver at 4:34AM, Aug. 31, 2007
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This is Pebbles. She was a birthday present from a friend to replace my previous hamster Binky, who died one month after I'd bought him. :( She can never fill that Binky shaped hole he left (she's too fat for starters) but after owning her for over one and a half years now its safe to say I won't ever have another hamster quite like her. I love you my little psycopath!

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notlikelytocare at 5:11AM, Aug. 31, 2007
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Ok, well I have an orange Iguana named Draco (Like the dragon race NOT harry potter… -_-)

A Shelty named Luke

A Chesapeake Bay retriever named Mallory (shes getting SO old…. :( )

A cat named Cheeto (he's the spawn of Satan)

A Sun Conniard named Sonny

An African Grey Parrot named Allie

and a new litter of kittens…

I also have about 30 horses, Countless Cows, Ducks, Swans, Peacocks and Peahens, and a couple tame deer. All just GREAT reasons to live in the country!


Oh yeah, and Cheeto is a pervert….

My avatar is tiny because I'm compensating.
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kawaiidaigakusei at 11:56AM, Aug. 31, 2007
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Dang!! That's a ton of animals notlikelytocare!!!

I just have a boy rabbit named Tobey

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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skoolmunkee at 11:57AM, Aug. 31, 2007
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Union is the bestest dog!

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Red Slayer at 5:33PM, Aug. 31, 2007
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only recent picture.
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Zad at 2:04PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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My family has 4 cats (soon to be more :O )
But I think that technically (dasa good word) Loki is MIEN!!!!
She's alllll black, nice and sleek, like something a witch would want. xD
I found her while I was sitting on the porch. I heard some meowing, asked a visiting freind if I could use thier binoculars (my dad's freind), and saw this teeny little kitty across the street. She was on the other side of a chain fence with a bunch of snarling dogs on the other side and Loki was going towards the dogs.
We saved her just in time, kept her, and let out first cat, Big Girl (who we got from a relative) take care of her.

Oh yeah, we also have two males, Apollo, who is white with a some big orange splotches, and his son Sparta, who is white with some big black splotches. He was born around the time we saw 300. ^.~
They are both I.D.I.O.T.S.
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Zad at 2:07PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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Cheeto is ADORABLE!!!
Just like how i imagined the spawn of satan would be
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usedbooks at 2:14PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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I bought a fish Friday. I was depressed and deciding between (er, among) a new DS game, a stuffed toy, or a fish+aquarium. (Wal*Mart… Great place for random, impulse, pity-yourself shopping.) She's a betta.

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suzi at 5:27PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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): I just moved to college and I miss my pets, especially after reading this thread. At home I have two African Grey parrots and two chihuahuas, and my family semi-adopted a friend's cat while she's away for a semester.

One of the parrots, my baby Casey:

A drawing of Casey:

The other one, Keoki:

I have some better pictures of them but I can't find them XD


I can't find any pictures of our other puppy, Sam…

The excellent kitty, who has 50 names:
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imshard at 10:56PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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I'm a dog person by nature. Ironically though, the only pets I have are my two cats at home and a mouse I secretly feed at work.

The orange American longhair/tabby on top is Tiger Lily (we call her Woogie).
We found her as an abandoned kitten in a pile of torn out carpet by our front porch.
The graythling below is Harriel (named for the archangel).
We have no idea what he is and the only reason we have is because he waltzed into our house one day like he owned the place.

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kyupol at 5:34AM, Sept. 3, 2007
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I have a pet turtle like Rocky Balboa (lol he had 2).

But I wish I had a pet…

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ozoneocean at 6:28AM, Sept. 3, 2007
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I have two cats and I dunno how many goldfish… (they breed. The fish that is; with each other! Not with the cats, that would be highly unusual :P )

Cute rats up there! Nicer than the one I had to clean up off the toilet floor and the walls at 12am last night… My tomcat is messy. :( Not good when you have to be up at 5am!

Wouldn't have been a cute one like those rats though, these ones live in the drains or the old palm trees or something. Nasty grey/brown things.
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Insane Angelic at 8:24AM, Sept. 3, 2007
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I have a Poodle, a chihuahua, a Rex Devon, many, many goldfish, one frog, one mini-lizard, a hamster, two mouses…

And I'm taking care of all of them.

I paid my poodle when I was very little… someone's selling them for 100$. A mostly purebred. Usually thoses cost like 800$. It's a female.

My chihuahua, I found her on the streets. We put up a ‘founded!’ post, but after one week of anyone not claming it, we decided to adopt her. She's a wee thiny puppy.

My rex Devon, I paid for it at around 1000$… She's a PREFECT purebred…

My frog, I caught it outside, and I've been keeping it ever since. As for the lizard, my father bought it for me. It lives with the frog… they're about the same size. Lol.

As for the hamster, a friend of mine wants to throw it away since ‘it’s smelly and noisely'. I took it under mycare. =3

The two mouses, I caught them like frogs. They're living in a other cage, since they're wild. I'm waiting for them to breed. =P

And my goldfish… I started out with just two, but they grew into a massive number. Breeding. And I have a large tank right now. So wow.

I paid for all their food and stuff with my job's paycheck. I'll post the pictures later, as since I don't have any pictures right now.
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deleted-byrequest-03 at 8:37AM, Sept. 3, 2007
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My dad found a wild kitten and we named her Nabi. We had her for about a year, and she had two kittens. I took one and my brother took the other. He named his Shadow, and I named mine Takkun (from flcl!).

Takkun was the cutest, fluffiest, nicest kitten ever… Whenever I was walking towards him, he'd lay down and want me to pet him. It was so cute!

Although… A year later, he was hit by a car and died. I cried for 2 weeks, nonstop… It was because there was an airshow happening near my house, and the publicity was too strong.

I will never go to a fucking air show, in honor of Takkun!!!! *small tear of confidence*

Yeah, that happened two years ago.

My other cat, Shadow, eats as much as possible, and meows whenever it feels like it. It's actually more like a screech. “MRAAAAAOOOOOOOOODLKJSFLKDJSFLKDJLK” <– sort of like that…

Nabi's still around. Still cute.

I miss Takkun… We all wonder why Shadow wasn't hit by a car. But it's mostly because she spends all her time clawing at the door and screeching. Takkun was the adventurer. I'm sure he discovered lost ruins, but got hit by a car because the secrets cannot be revealed.

Yeah. I bet that's it…

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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kitty17 at 2:59PM, Sept. 3, 2007
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I've had so many pets…

I've had a german shepard that was stolen. I miss her…
I now have a 13 year old Bichon. Had him since he was 5. His name is Charlie.
A year ago I recieved a bichon/norfolk terrier mix. I got her when she was just 2 months old. Her name is Nikki.

Things happened…and they eventually had puppies.
We gave most of them away and my father decided to keep the one that most resembled Charlie.
And what have you one ended up looking like a pure bred Bichon. His name is CJ. He's 6 months now. And playful as ever.
So now I have 3 dogs.

I also have a fish. I had a lab once but he didn't like Charlie so we had to return him.
I had a beagle…but we ended up having to give him away because my parents couldn't stand him.

K.A.L.A.-dan! Moe Maid ;3
Pastel and Kitty :3
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pastel at 4:54PM, Sept. 4, 2007
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I've had two pairs of parakeets. The first died and the second we gave away when we moved.

Today I bought this guy because I need him for a biology experiment tomorrow. Bekefel told me to name him Bekefel.

I don't know if he'll be alive by this time tomorrow. :( But he's my pet until then! :D
. K.A.L.A.-dan! Fujoshi! Mafia MASS MURDERER! Kitty and Pastel :D
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Evil_Snuffkin at 6:39PM, Sept. 4, 2007
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I currently have a rabbit named Akito that I've owned for about four years now. He's evil and likes to bite people but I love him anyway.

My family also has a dog called Poppyand she must be nearly fourteen now. When ever we take her on walks though people still think she's a puppy. She's such a lovely animal and acts almost human a lot of the time.
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carly_mizzou at 9:03AM, Sept. 6, 2007
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This is my BABY…Sidney Vicious!
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subcultured at 12:31PM, Sept. 6, 2007
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This is my BABY…Sidney Vicious!

juno has almost the same pic on her profile
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Hapoppo at 9:07PM, Sept. 6, 2007
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I've got two cats I got from a friend of my mom. One is a male thick-furred orange cat born from her cat, and the other is a gray female who was found abandoned in a parking lot as a kitten. The male is Reon, which is his “official” name, though he's been known constantly as The Cheese, or, when he's on his worst behaviour (Which is quite often), Fatty. Reon is VERY affectionate towards people, and loves belly rubs. The other is Boo, whom he loves to chase around until she starts growling, hissing, and swiping at him (I try to discourage this behavior without intruding too much - they need SOME excitement, after all!), so yeah, Reon's a bit of a jerk. Boo does NOT like humans aside from me, so most people never even see her; but she's a real sweetheart. I'll post pics whenever my site goes back up.
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simonitro at 1:21AM, Sept. 7, 2007
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My little kitty! I bought him earlier this year! His name is Tiger!

Yes, I love cats! Beautiful creature!

Enjoy… Las Vegas-y
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junoblairb at 6:39AM, Sept. 7, 2007
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juno has almost the same pic on her profile

haha! I was totally about to say, ‘look see!’ That's Angus and he's half lynx, half maine coone. I got him from a foster home for cats back in 2002. They age slower than normal cats and so even at nearly five years old he's still got kitten in him. He can jump five feet in the air and smack you in the face (only in fun). He's totally acrobatic. XD

Tiger is so cute simonitro! :D
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blu at 10:49AM, Sept. 7, 2007
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omg i totally have to show you guys our cats xD

we have anywhere from 10 to 20 cats in our barn at any given time.. they come and go mostly :D

this is newton, he passed away last april but he was still my pet for 16 years so there :(

boomer, teh guard dog.

oh and this cat is my grandmother's but i am going to steal him someday. xero is just gorgeous. i mean look at him
other than that, this comment is pointless.
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