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Deperately Need 3 Guest Artists for Comic
ian_and_ian at 11:38PM, Aug. 10, 2009
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So Martin, the illustrator for Martin and Mitchell, is departing for California for a period of about a week and a half. While gone, Martin & Mitchell will be without an illustrator, meaning I, Mitchell, the writer, will be forced to draw horrible stick comics in shod quality and scan them onto my computer. Obviously, I'd like to avoid this if possible. So, that's why I'd like to get some guest artists for this project. Since we'll be missing three updates, three artists would be ideal. I can write the script if you want, or you can. Either way is fine with me. It would be great if you already had a comic either on DD or another site, so we can link to you, and vice versa. This way, both of our comics get more exposure. It doesn't have to be a huge comic, just filler, maybe 5-7 panels. If you can to do more, that's great.

Anyone interested can PQ us with a link to your comic. We need answers ASAP, so please volunteer!
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