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Dreamchilde Press Announces Talent Search!
DreamchildNYC at 4:01PM, Oct. 6, 2006
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Dreamchilde Press, publisher of QUANTUM: Rock of Ages, is actively seeking submissions from artists, inkers, and colorists. Dreamchilde is also accepting proposals for science fiction stories, which it hopes to publish in 2007.

Dreamchilde Press CEO Philip Clark explains, “Over the years, QUANTUM has gotten enough critical and fan praise that it’s opened a lot of doors in the industry to me. I’ve met a lot of my colleagues in the small press community and learned a great deal about comic publishing. I’m continually keeping my eye out for talent, and I also notice a real lack of quality Sci-Fi in comics. So hopefully with this talent search I can knock out two birds with one stone.”

Clark currently publishes QUANTUM: Rock of Ages, a 12 issue epic which can best be described as a cross between “Doctor Who” and “High Fidelity.” He plans on launching at least two other titles in the near future and has been soliciting talent for the past year.

Interested parties should contact Philip Clark at to request permission to submit. At this point, DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS, as such entries will be deleted. Web links are ok. Please include contact info, page rate, and list of previous work (where applicable).

Dreamchilde Press can be found on the web at and

Contact: Philip Clark
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