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Elements: Now looking for extras! (I'll draw you a picture!)
Doodstormer at 12:58PM, March 7, 2011
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Hey mister! Are you the goofball that hit me with this rock?

Yes indeed I am! For I am Doodstormer, the incredibly fabulously rich, famous, and wildly successful artist and author of Elements! But alas, I face a most unfortunate dilemma!

Occasionally, Lon Quillow wanders into a city, pub, densely populated thimble, political rally, or an Applebee's, and you know what happens?

Crowd scenes, my dear boy, crowd scenes! The problem is, I end up having to make a different bunch of unique characters for every single scene, and even with oodles upon oodles of my patented Creatium Jelly™ on a whole loaf of Brainstorm Bread™, I can't possibly make unique people for every scene!

And that's where you come in, hypothetical 1950s youth! For you and only you can save me! Being a 1950s youth, it's likely you happen to fancy yourself as a bit of a drawer, an arteest if you will! And you've got characters! Maybe they're from your own, much less successful and famous comic, or maybe you made one up on the spot just for me to use? They're all welcome to walk around in the cartoony backgrounds of Elements!

But Mister Doodstormer sir, I don't know if my character will work!

Well worry not, my boy! For there's one easy question you can ask yourself:

Is it fantastical?

We don't know nothing about any of your newfangled robots and guns and hula hoops, so if your character is from a modern or futuristic setting, then I'm afraid they'll need to wait a few thousand years for technology to catch up to them.

Otherwise, there's room for everything from lizardmen and elves to gnomes with slight speech impediments. If it's fantasy, it's good!

Golly Mister, that sounds swell! How do I join up?

Post a description, picture, or anything else you think I would need to know about your extra. Tell me about a few of their quirks of character, their unhealthy fascination with aviaries, or perhaps their unusual habit of bursting out into Gaelic song! If you submit a character from your comic, please let me know! I like to throw in little references and subtle puns occasionally, and if I know about your comic that makes it easier.

Then I draw it! I will show you the result, so if you happen to be a freeloader only interested in promoting your comic (for shaaame), you'll still be able to see your character, even if I never get the chance to put them in the comic. I will post them in batches, since Elements characters aren't the largest of fellows and poor Flickr can only handle so much!

Also, if I happen to throw them onto the stage dazed and confused, I'll drop you a PQ to let you know! Because Elements is all about the customer.

(If you are not a 1950s youth, I apologize for the misidentification.)

(Also there is no limit to how many characters you can sign up, but if you post your entire 15-character cast all at once I reserve the right to slap you without mercy.)
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Genejoke at 1:36PM, March 7, 2011
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Spleen the barbarian, he doesn't currently appear in a comic but will make a comeback this year sometime.

he is a poorly endowed, thick as two short planks, camel raping barbarian.
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Gunwallace at 9:16PM, March 7, 2011
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Meet Dennis. He's a gambling, flirting, cheating, lying illusionist.

He smells of salty fish.

And he's dead.
David ‘Gunwallace’ Tulloch,
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Tim Wellman at 2:47AM, March 9, 2011
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You can use my Tree Frog Sorceress named Sim. She's four foot tall, and angry at everything. She can do magic… well, one magic trick… she can turn things (people, animals, trees, livestock, crackers, etc) into frogs. There were other magic things to do, but she hasn't bothered reading the rest of the book. When she runs really fast, the balls on her twin tails clang together like the old ‘Clackers’ toy from the 70's. She eats only mushrooms and drinks only lime coolaid and the hat was a present from her father. She mostly sits in her tower, looking out the window, turning things into frogs, but the only toilet is outside by the river, so she has to venture out a few times a day.

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Doodstormer at 10:08AM, March 10, 2011
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Spleen - I had to give him boots so he'd be modest. Tee hee. If we ever need to move furniture, he's our guy.
The Illusionist - Perhaps it is mere coincidence, but something smells fishy now. Also, I'm digging those Playmobils, it's like they were made for this.
Sim - That's a pretty fancy get-up to squash down to 4 feet. Hope this is good though!
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Tim Wellman at 4:27PM, March 10, 2011
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That's terrific :-) Thanks!
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DarkGesen at 1:04PM, March 21, 2011
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Mister Doodstormer sir!
Do you still need background characters?
Because if you do you can use my gang of lizards!
(you did mention lizardmen yourself, sir.)
Unfortunately I don't have any colour pics of them, however the only thing you may or may not want to consider is that they are all green, but also different shades of green.

From left to right is Leon, Kom, Gekkon and Nito.
I think that's all you really need to know.
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