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Fan Art Request so I can Shamelessly plug your comics!!!
Macattack at 11:49AM, May 17, 2011
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Hey all!

My webcomic SOS (Surviving Older Schools) is about to hit 100 comic pages on friday and to celebrate I'm holding a fan art contest for it! Partially because fan art is awesome, but MORE SO because I want an opportunity to thank the great community on Drunk Duck by giving you all a chance to show off your different styles and allowing me to shamelessly advertise your comics!If you guys are interested, feel free to send me a PQ with your fan art. I just ask you keep it PG (Trying to keep the E Rating guys!) but other than that go wild :)

Again, thanks so much! I joined Drunk Duck about a year and a half ago just so I could have a place where my college newspaper editor could get a look at my plethora of comic pages. I never expected such a warm and friendly atmosphere as well as so many helpful people who have really helped my work skyrocket! Hope this helps you guys too!

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