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Fortunes Fool A Shakespeare/steam punk/noir/war story. Looking for an Artist.
the2ndredbaron at 12:41AM, April 15, 2009
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I have a line artist for this series his work is here…and%20Sketches/

So I am now looking for an inker and a colorist. If you would like to do either please let me know.

Fortune’s Fool
Hey I am looking for an artist for this series, pm me, email me at, or post here, if interested. Information below.

A Shakespeare/steam punk/noir/war story.

The Kingdom of Brition is on the brink of war. The Prime Minister of Illyria has been murdered. Although declared a homicide and not an assassination both Kingdoms have been massing troops along their respective borders. Less then 30 years ago these two lands fought each other in a war, known as the Trade War, that ravaged both Kingdoms.

The daughter of the Prime Minister has disguised herself and snuck into Kingdom of Brition to discover the secret behind her father’s death. Not having anyone else to turn to she finds herself forced to employ a P.I. who was former member of the Royal Court. Her father’s death hides a secret that may prevent a war if brought to light but forces conspire against them.

The Royal Court struggles to contain the chaos of the Kingdom. The King has yet to produce an heir and in the shadows there are whispers that can be heard, voices that speak of coup. Two men stand in the inner circle of the Court, trusted be those around them, it may fall to them to shape the future of the country.

Fortune’s Fool. A dramatic new web comic that takes classic characters and injects them into a world filled with mystery, war and intrigue. Adding a dash of steam punk we have a living breathing stage that holds everything from battlefields to family drama.

Cast- These are the main ones. There are other smaller roles that will get fleshed out over time.
Caius/ Kent- Once a man with a position in the King’s court he sacrificed himself in order to protect the King’s and the King’s daughter’s honor. Taking the blame for a scandal that would have shocked the Kingdom he was banished from Court. Now after changing his identity he has return to the city, working as a Private Investigator. Although a broken down version of his once former self he still helps the people of the city; believing it gives him some since of purpose.

King Thear VIII- At once a man of terrible anger and deep concern for his people he is the last in the long of royalty to run the country. With what looks like an outbreak of war on the horizon his and the increased pressure to produce an heir he as been stretched to the breaking point and his kingdom has begun to suffer for it. Blinded by the struggle of his personal life his senses have become dull leaving him unaware of the growing conspiracy against him.

Fredrick Ool- The spokesman for the King. The most public face of the Royal Court outside of the family, he is a trusted figure to both the subjects and to the King; who considers him a trusted friend.

Atreus Hugo- The King’s top advisor and most trusted ally. Born the same year as the King he comes from the Kingdom of Calabro, that shortly before his birth was conquered by The Kingdom of Brition. During the Trade War against Edward III of York, Atreus was assigned to the King’s, who was at that time still a prince, platoon due to his eat knowledge and tactical skill. Atrues’ keen mind helped save the prince from an ambush that would have cost him his life; as a result they grew close and the prince took him on as his personal advisor. It has been partly due to his genius that the Kingdom has done so well the past decades and although he has enjoyed a life of comfort Atrues has become bitter by the lack of recognition he receives. His sister Miranda Hugo is married to the King.

Miranda Thear- Atreus’ younger sister by twenty some years she meet the King at his former wife’s funeral. Eventually Thear fell in love with her and asked for her hand in marriage a move that most subjects felt established a binding unity between the two countries. Although some did not including Atreus who felt that Miranda had betrayed her own people. He however kept this feeling from her.

Julia Rosaline- The owner of Capulon. A shrewd business woman she is the young owner of a large corporation that specializes in military hardware.

Valentine Montague- A doctor who runs Capulon’s largest hospital and a staunch opponent against the growing arms buildup along the Kingdom’s Southern border.

Richard Shylock- King of Illyria. An unfriendly country that suffered heavily under the Trade Wars. A bitter misshapen man, he was the bastard son of the Edward II, whose son Edward III died in the Trade Wars leaving an opportunity for Shylock to take the throne.

Falstaff of Illyria- A general in the army of Illyria who famously ended the Trade War by surrendering peace. Praised for stopping bloodshed he was a hero to both nations, he was also the Prime Minister for Illyria after the war. He made sure that ongoing peace was maintain by both countries until he was murdered in the Kingdom of Brition.

Viola/Henry of Illyria- The daughter of Falstaff. Believing her father murder was a political killing by her own country to stage another war she disguises herself as a man named Henry and hires Casius/Kent to discover the truth behind the killing.

Timon Jachimo- A strategic criminal who has managed to unite the criminal underworld in the chaos that the war has caused. Said to be wealthier than the King.

Marcus MacDuff- The general in charge of the homeland police force. Equally liked and disliked, he turned in many follow soldiers to the court for corruption and as a result he received the position he has know. And honest man who loves his country but feels guilt for betraying his friends.
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the2ndredbaron at 11:27AM, April 19, 2009
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I also am open to paying, depends but it is an option.
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Skullbie at 5:49PM, April 19, 2009
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This sounds really cool *o* Maybe you should try digital webbing collab forums and stuff like that :)
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