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Defilia at 6:13AM, Jan. 10, 2007
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now i have been reading comics for almost a year here on DD so i thought i might just as well start posting on the forum,

Defilia is not to be used unless recomended by your psychologist.

im a soldier, im a judge, but most of all i am my own executioner
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Black_Kitty at 10:40AM, Jan. 10, 2007
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Cool! :D Welcome to DrunkDuck! Glad to have you around on the forums. ^^
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kingofsnake at 5:53AM, Jan. 12, 2007
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Holy cow, a fan that doesn't have their own comic!

I didn't know you guys still existed ;)

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WingNut at 9:19AM, Jan. 12, 2007
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Yay Verily! Welcome indeed!

And now, I must away. AVANTE'!

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Wolfer at 11:52AM, Jan. 12, 2007
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@kingofsnake: I don't have a comic. Hoping to start soon though…

Welcome to you Defilia.Though you are but a pawn in my great scheme to take over the world.
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Radec at 1:29AM, Jan. 13, 2007
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<= dead and buried.
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