Group 12 - PIT_FACE interveiws Pieguy259 of Stickman and Cube!
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This interview is of Pieguy259, whose comic is: Stickman and Cube!
(interview conducted by PIT_FACE!)

So tell us a bit about yer personal life, how old are you, where are you from, what do you do day to do, C’MON, GET JUICY!

I'm seventeen, soon to be eighteen, from Australia. Other than university stuff, my day is mostly spent in my underground lair, constructing my doomsday device.

Juicy, eh? Well, if you insist… *whispers furtively* Orange. Pineapple. Tropical… Apple Blackcurrant.

Do you have an interest in comics outside of DD? Like print comics or newspaper comics? What about other web comics?

I follow more webcomics than is probably healthy. I've been a fan of El Goonish Shive for ages now, I think it was really what got me in to webcomics in the first place. Other than that, there's Ginger's Bread, xkcd, Punch an' Pie, Order of the Stick, The Space Between, Panthera, The Other Grey Meat, CharCole, Weesh, Pokemon-X, Something Happens… don't think I can list them all. On DD itself, I'm an avid reader of The Dragon Doctors and Simply Sarah, as well as happyfaceanon's comics and… quite a few others.

HAVE stickman and cube ever eh….rule 34?…..

Undoubtedly there are a few strange, depressing people out there who've drawn artwork containing lines to the tune of “stick it in me”, and commenting on the size of Cube's vertices. I try not to think about it. For the sake of my continued will to live, I try with all my might not to think about it.

In an earlier interview you mentioned coming out with a book of earlier Stickman and Cube comics: are you going to pursue that, or do you have it in the works already?

Depends if anyone would be interested in reading my crappy pen doodles, ha ha. Seriously, most of them were pretty dreadful, and my handwriting can charitably be described as “complete shit”, but if anyone is actually interested I'll see what I can do.

You created Stickman as a companion to Cube, but why a cube in the first place?

He was cheaper than an icosahedron, but more reputable than those damn triangular pyramids. Wankers, they are.

Seriously, I have no idea. He was just there one morning, free in my large, specially-marked box of cereal. Stickman came along once I sent in enough coupons.

Not to sound like a douche, but many people would loose interest in making a stick comic, yet you’ve done it for more than 300 strips, what keeps you coming back for more?

Sheer bloody-mindedness by this point, I'd say. Really, it's just become a thing for me, I guess. Been kinda piss-farting around with the current storyline, mainly because I barged into it too early and am now standing sheepishly in the middle of the dance floor wondering why everyone else in the fancy suits are staring at me and the DJ is yelling something about “standing on the bride”. Honestly, I have an ending for this one, it's just a question of how I get there.

Is El Bricko Loco just a way for you to wrangle the latino vote?

El Bricko Loco podrán consumir sus almas!

Between you and me, it's amazing what you find funny at three o'clock in the morning. I needed a pageview brick for my 250,000 comic, and it was 3am, and there was that crazy sonovabitch, shooting his six-guns and drinking his tequila and oh God I'm going to Racist Hell.

How many of your comics are the product of sleep deprivation?

Not many, actually. Some are the sum of sleep deprivation, others are the difference. Occasionally, one is the quotient.


Will there really be a Tasey P.I. comic, or are you just shittin with us?

Tasey, PI? Why, I have no idea what you mean…

April Fool's gag. Sorry, Tasey fans.

How did Stickman and Cube meet? And does their relationship ever become strained?

Earliest record of them together is 1967, when they were both hippies. Things get a little murky before that, but they were university students in the Chi Upsilon Beta Epsilon fraternity in the late 80s. Y'know what, probably best not to think about that.

In answer to your second question, only when it doesn't get enough fibre in its diet.

I know you’ve done some things for CRACKED. How has that turned out?

Super. I've written one article - 6 Slang Terms With Surprisingly Badass Origins - by myself, and co-written another one, 6 True Stories About Disneyland They Don't Want You to Know (which has actually made the popular listings on both digg and Cracked itself). Every time one gets published my pageviews soar - my two biggest days have been the day an article gets published, mainly because I link to S&C at the end. Go go gadget shameless advertising!

Do you write for anything else? Or are you exclusive to yer Stick and Cube relationship?

My only webcomic is Stickman and Cube, and my only other Interweb writing gig is at Cracked. If you want to see a couple of my stories and poems, though, I'm pieguy259 on deviantArt as well (you'll also see some exclusive S&C strips you won't find on DrunkDuck!). Just steer clear of the sappy love poems I wrote my ex when we were going out. Please.

How many more lead weights do you actually have?

As many as I like, thanks to the revolutionary WEIGHTERATOR (TM)! Yes, with the WEIGHTERATOR, you'll get unlimited lead weights to drop on people you don't like! It slices, it dices, it drops weights on people! And it can be yours for three easy payments of $49.99 plus one really, really hard payment of $π!
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