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Guest artists wanted for short interludes.
Genejoke at 2:04PM, Sept. 1, 2010
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The Hero Factor is a super hero parody where a superhero team is formed on a TV talent show, the story begins with the live finals. That is where the final 12 contestants battle it out for public vote.

Between chapters I want to put in interludes showing the audition stages. so wannabe superheroes go in front of a panel of judges and show what they got and get accepted and far more often rejected and ridiculed.

Any takers?
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tiki_carol at 5:42AM, Sept. 7, 2010
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none of my characters have superpowers, but there IS one who always seems to get into trouble. The kind that does DARES and such.
He's proment in the current story arc of my flagship comic RANDI

He's the Mouse. Name: Shortstop (proper name Steven)

Great idea.
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Genejoke at 2:59AM, Sept. 11, 2010
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While that wasn't quite what I had in mind, that is a good idea.

I have some ideas for using shortstop.

So yeah the guest auditionee's could work very well even for those without superpowers, think batman or ironman.

Still it will be a while before the first one goes live but once it has I will post or link an example. The comic has barely started yet.

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