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Happy Tree Friends Death Match!
Mettaur at 2:08PM, April 19, 2011
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Hello and welcome again friends to Forum Fighters! However, this is a special edition, where instead of ancient warriors and world-wide military, we are using cute, cuddly, and well known critters in these fights to the death! The Happy Tree Friends! Same basic rules, for a week votes are logged, 4 days in a narration is started with the one leading in votes winning, and the end of the week ends with a winner with the most votes, and the narration ending with them winning. Currently looking for others to lead the game. This week we have…

Disco Bear, and…

Evil Flippy, or “Fliqpy”.

Send in them votes!
Disco Bear: 0 Votes

“Fliqpy”: 0 Votes
Been years since I was here. I've been at rehab since. So uh. Yknow, things got interesting.
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