Harkovast inverviews Cheesecake for Every, of Blind and Blue, Mermaid Sushi and others!
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This interview is of Cheesecake for Every, whose comics are: Blind and Blue, Mermaid Sushi, and others!
(interview conducted by harkovast!)

1- Okay, lets start this off in the traditional style. Tell us a little about yourself.
Wait…that isn't really a question….
Can you tell me about yourself?
No…then the answer would just be yes or no…
What type of person is Cheesecake For Every?
There, that'll do.

It's actually Cheesecake for Everyone but by time I realised it was cut off the username had been made
Okay,My name is Konstantina.I'm a lesbian art student and I spend most of my time drawing and creating …ahem unsual romance comics

2- So how did you get started in the exciting and glamorous world of webcomics? What inspired you to get started?
Oh man that was a while ago!

It was 2008 and I liked this book series called “Vampirates” and when I googled it to find out when the next book came out and BAM! I got Charby the Vampirate,which lead to me getting an account yo read other webcomics and here I am!

3- Now lets get to the meat of the interview, tell us a little about your comic Blind and Blue (now's the time to really sell it to new readers!)

Oh man story summaries,I'm terrible at these

Okay,Blind and Blue is about a boy named Caecus who has become blind and falls in love with Darryl,the new kid in class (such a cliche I know) unfortunately neither of them have perfect lives so the comic is about their struggles (and successes) as a gay couple in an all-boys school

4- Your comic has strong manga/anime influences, what made you choose this style?

I didn't really choose the style,it just happened but yes I do read/watch a lot of manga/anime so it is very inspired by such

5- Is the romance in your comic based on any real life romances? What are the inspirations there?

I wish! It's a lot harder to get a girl/guy when we don't wear our sexualities on our heads.

6- The comic deals with the love between two males, which to some people is always going to be controversial. How do people respond to this aspect? Have they been largely positive or have you had any negative responses?

Most people are smart enough to ignore it (Which is why I put a little warning in both the comic description and on the homepage so that said people know what's going on) so i've actually never gotten any negative comments about it.

7- Drew in your comic really is incredibly girly, are you sure he's a man? I mean he/she has a hair clip!

Hahahahaha,well there is a little confusion about that and it will be explained later on but I can't say anything now or it'll spoil part of the story!

8- On the first page you explain that there were previously going to be more cases, but you lost interest in the other ones. Can you give some hints as to what these stories were going to be about and a little more on why you abandoned them?

Ah! Actually I need to update that because I was talking with a friend about it and
I've decided to continue the other cases because they're going to be a lot of fun
(But not as long as Blind and Blue or I'm going to be making them til i'm thirty)

9- I get the impression from your early authors notes that you have a lot more of it written out, but haven't posted it yet (as you indicate the art gets better later).
Why are you holding back these pages and when will we get to see them?

Oh my! Yes I did have to cut out scenes I wanted to do in the story but I haven't even made those pages! (and rest assured the important ones will become little side stories for everyone to enjoy)

10- I've focused on Blind and Blue, can you tell us some things about Mermaid Sushi? Are you really just making it up one page at a time?

Ha, Mermaid Sushi was made because was tired of not drawing girls and I really wanted to do a fantasy comic so I just squished the two together and while I was on vacation in Cuba the story of Mermaid Sushi just came along

I was going page-by page in the beginning but then I started writing down what I wanted to happen in a little word-chain so I could straighten the story out

11-Okay, can you give us any hints of what is coming in either of your comics? Any spoilers for the future?

Oh man spoilers,I'm afraid I'm gonna give you guys too much

-Ciar's gonna be in the story soon and he's bringing along a brand new character
-Caecus is FINALLY going to find out why he's blind

-Katie's gonna find out how sirens eat people the hard way
-and there might be some awesome fight scenes in Mermaid sushi (which will take a lot of research on my part)

12- Well that's about it for me here, thanks for taking part and have you got any final thoughts for the readers?

It was great doing this (I just learned making questions is easier than answering them).T'was my first time and harkovast did a lovely job creating questions!
See you all next year!

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Awww! Cheesecake liked my questions.
Man…now I'm hungry for some actual cheesecake from the fridge…

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