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DragonTrainer at 9:40PM, April 4, 2011
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Hi. I was led to this site while searching for webcomics similar to Darths & Droids and DM of the Rings and found one called Benders and Brawlers. That's mostly why I decided to sign up here, really.

Anyways, I consider myself more of a writer than an artist, even though the number of stories I wrote can be counted on one hand. If anything's going to stop me from doing a webcomic, it'd more likely be due to laziness than lack of talent.

Um… not entirely sure what else to put here… so…

Nice to meet you all! ^_^
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NickyP at 1:13PM, April 5, 2011
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Nice meeting you too, dude!

Look around, read some comics, post crap on the forum, and enjoy your stay. A fun game to play while being here is keeping count of the # of days since the site last crashed. So far the number is 8 or so~! (I kid…. BUT ABOUT WHICH PART? DUN DUN DUN)
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