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Hello everyone
Voltarrens at 8:53AM, Oct. 4, 2009
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Hello Everyone :)

Have been looking around for a while for another place to put the graphic novel (Deadman's Curse) I've been working on for the past 4 years, get it a bit more out-there as it's grown, and the WIP phase is about to finish at the end of this year.

Will post some pages/links very soon, just have to figure out how all this works here.
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Mystearica at 7:36PM, Oct. 4, 2009
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Hello DrunkDuck, prepare youself for a can of awesome named Mystearica, cause it's already here >XD
The Baddest of the Bad, the Maddest of the Mad, the Slayer of Kings and Destroyer of Worlds, MYSTEARICA!
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Dark Clown at 2:06PM, Oct. 8, 2009
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Welcome, Would You Like A Cold Hot Cola?

This Fluid feels like Pain, This stoic mood is all in vain.
I reach into the dark, I tear this other me apart.
How many years ago, How many deaths I can't let go.
My Flesh Is Temporary, My God Extraordinary.
You… can''t… Kill… My… MIND!!!!!

The War Will continue, Just on a different battle field
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