Meet, Greet, Show and Sell*

Helmet and safety goggles not provided.
Doodstormer at 10:25AM, Oct. 13, 2010
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Hello DrunkDuck, I figured my first topic should be something besides a plug for my comic, since that seems to be what the majority of posts on sites like these are.

I'm Doodstormer, and I guess you could call me a cartoonist. I have a habit of being sarcastic and tend to be snarky at times, but don't worry, I don't hate everyone as much as it may seem at times. Just take what I say with a grain of metaphorical salt and chuckle nervously and we'll be fine.
My hobbies include Lego, artistry, and writing, though I haven't done much writing for a while. I guess writing a comic would count in that category though, so we are okay.

Anyway, that's me, and hopefully we can all get along splendidly and not have to ask any questions about the trail of disembodied internal organs along the road to successful friendship. Also make sure you bring something sharp in case I forget my ceremonial knife.
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Genejoke at 11:26AM, Oct. 13, 2010
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Hello, now go plug that comic… of course in the appropriate sections of the forum.
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NickyP at 11:24AM, Oct. 18, 2010
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I like it; it's different, and it appeals to my nerdy side. Will keep an eye on your comic, sir. :D
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Aelwyn at 3:25PM, Oct. 23, 2010
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Welcome to DrunkDuck! We look forward to stalking you and your work. :D
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Armagedon at 1:12AM, Oct. 24, 2010
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welcome friend! Can't wait to take a look at your work and other stuffz! :)
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