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These aren't rules per se, but here's a few guidelines for you pluggers out there:

1. No more than once a month - To keep a fair and level plugging ground, try not to go around advertising your comic more than once a month. This ensures that everyone gets an equal chance to show off their stuff! If you have multiple comics or projects, you can make a thread for each one. However, you're welcome to reply to your own thread in order to bump it, as long as you've got something to add (like that a new page is up) rather than just a reply like ‘bump.’

It doesn't have to be a comic, it can be any project you're involved in like a website or art gallery, or even something completely different that you have nothing to do with whatever but just think is neat.

It's fine to post about your comic/project if it's only got one page, only consists of peripheral info like character sheets, etc- just be aware that the less you have for people to look at, the less response you're likely to get. If you're looking for SPECIFIC advice or help, try the art or comic subforums.

Try not to post about something which doesn't exist yet such as an upcoming comic- If you want to create hype, put it in your signature. The point of this forum is that there's something new you want to show off.

2. Keep it clean, or warn people - If your comic or whatever you're showing off has some NSFW content, mark it as so. THINK OF THE CHILDREN, DANG IT!

3. Be nice - Don't be going and posting things like “OMG your comic is lame PLEASE DIE IN A ROADSIDE DITCH AND DECOMPOSE” in other people's topics. It's okay to provide constructive criticism, but flaming is a no-no. Be respectful, people. Also, no critiquing in PLUG topics.

4. NO SPAM - Okay, I lied. This one's a rule. If you're advertising anything that's spam (ie. free iPods, or online poker, or eBay auctions) then it'll most likely get killed on sight. We won't get mad if you're like selling a print version of your webcomic, or something other that's legit, but be reasonable, kay?

5. Clear topic titles - Do everyone a favour and name your topic with a meaningful title. “LOLZ NEW OCMICZ” is not descriptive, and will most likely be changed by me to something better. You'll also be doing yourself a favour by bringing more readers in.

6. No critiques? - If you're one of those types who's just plugging for fun and profit, then please write PLUG before your topic title, so everyone knows not to dissect it. If you want critiques, then put CRIT before the title. If you could care less, then put nothing. (You can of course put if you're open to any kind of response.)


" Knock on Wood, a comic about polygons": this means I want you guys to critique it
" Ben and Temmy: a megaman sprite comic": this means that I just want to plug it so please don't critique it
“LoLInternet, the story of two gamers”: since I have not put either of the above labels on, I don't care
“BUY FREE HERBAL XANX NOW!”: this topic is asking to be deleted

And that's it. Feel free to reply if I've made some glaring omission.
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Ok.. I' haven't done any of the above… so I'm a good boy….
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JustNoPoint at 9:16PM, March 12, 2015
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This stuff needs to be updated and could be combined with another sticky so there are not 300 stickies in this board :P
Things I think should change:
1. Once a month? Nah screw that. I don't think there should be a limit at all but if there is I say once a week at most.
6. Remove it. No one follows this rule lol

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