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Hey all
RentAThug at 2:31PM, April 10, 2007
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Hey all, I'm new here. This is my first foray into webcomickery, though I've been published in a newspaper for the past two years. I've begun publishing a comic here,, and I have another in the works that will hopefully go live in the next few weeks.

Crime Pays, updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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Priceman at 4:29PM, April 10, 2007
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Sweet, a published artist! Welcome to the site.
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Shadow99 at 2:22PM, Nov. 20, 2007
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I want to say hi.
DSCV. Bet you don't know what it means! Read coconut Voltage
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crazyninny at 2:33PM, Nov. 20, 2007
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Welcome, published comic artist!
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Lord Shplane at 5:40PM, Nov. 20, 2007
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