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Hey! I'm new! #87...
Tyara at 2:08PM, Dec. 26, 2006
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… Or something like that. Can't believe just how many topics here are called ‘(Hey) I’m new'. XD Not really a n00b in the webcomics world, I just found another place to spam with my doodles… creator of the Mage! manga. I thought I should say hello here and put up a warning that, no matter how nice some comments are, I'm a horrible replier. T_T
Good luck to everyone with their comics, keep the community alive, happy holidays.
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beljanbobo at 3:03PM, Dec. 26, 2006
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happy holidays to you to!! love the mage comic :)
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subcultured at 4:00PM, Dec. 26, 2006
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cool comic you got there
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Ladyknight17 at 8:06PM, Dec. 26, 2006
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I'm new to the comic game entirely. So…yeah. I'm bad with computers to top it all off. But I'm happy I found a place where I can share my work with others.
Tired of messing with a banner. Just visit the comic at…
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ozoneocean at 4:59AM, Dec. 27, 2006
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Hello and welcome Lady Knight and Tyra!
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Glarg at 10:26AM, Dec. 27, 2006
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(oh man i havent greeted anyione in a long time)

Hello and welcome to drunk duck :D
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