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Hi comic people, I'm Juby! :D
Juby at 8:20PM, June 30, 2010
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Hello, I'm Juby a new comic maker!
To start off I'm from Texas, a girl (if it isn't obvious), and absolutely love comics! XD

I like…
-cherry cheesecake
-cartoon network
-XKCD,The Oatmeal,Dilbert
-doodling on napkins at restraunts
-manga and anime on a daily basis
-the color red
-sleeping til 2 in the afternoon
-medical mysteries
-street fighter
-blasting music at full volume

I'm glad to be here and hope to get along with everyone! (^_^)

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blindsk at 1:57AM, July 1, 2010
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I'm from Texas

-sleeping til 2 in the afternoon

Personally, I feel you would have made it as an awesome enough person worthy of being a member of DD with these two points alone.

Mornings are for people that enjoy listening to car alarms or take pleasure walking barefoot over broken glass.

There's only one good thing that generated out of mornings - pancakes. But now we live in this day in age where Denny's tells us it's alright to eat them any time of the 24 hour cycle.
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Product Placement at 5:52AM, July 1, 2010
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I like…
-the color red
In that case, there's a thread I bet you'll like over at “What the heck!”

Welcome to the duck. He also likes to sleep in.
Those were my two cents.
If you have any other questions, please deposit a quarter.
This space for rent.
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