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Hi from Tim Wellman
Tim Wellman at 3:55AM, Jan. 17, 2007
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I'm new here, but not new to art… went to art school way back, but just got into comic art a couple years ago. I prefer manga style because it lets me concentrate more on story rather than spending hours and hours cross-hatching and adjusting line weights :-) I guess I have a short attention span, when I was drawing american style comics I'd lose all direction and enthusiasm before the page was finished.

I've had some stuff published, but still looking for my ‘big break’ :-) Honestly, I'm only now getting good enough to be published, so it's probably a good thing that I don't have a lot of older stuff that could come back to haunt me :-)

I joined here because it seems a bit more mature than the other webcomic communities I checked out, and people seem nicer in general.

Let's see, my comic on DD is called DemonIzzed
Thanks a lot for all the people who have commented and taken a look.

I also have a website with a lot of my art if you absolutely have no life whatsoever and you'd like to take a look :-)

My artist influences include Ken Akamatsu, John Byrne, Barasui, Azuma Kiyohiko, Koshi Rikdo, Ben Dunn, Tamami Momose, Jun Sadogawa… if you see a theme of wacky humor, unusual romance, and adventure, you're right.

OK, I guess I've written enough :-) *waves*
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Adariel at 4:35AM, Jan. 17, 2007
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Hi there, id be greeting ya a big welcome from all of us here.
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Tim Wellman at 2:32AM, Jan. 18, 2007
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Thanks a lot for the welcome :-) I'll participate more on the forums as time goes by, I don't want to just jump in like I've been here forever, so, I'll mostly lurk and read for a while.

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Glarg at 3:21AM, Jan. 18, 2007
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Hello Tim and welcome to Drunkduck! :)

All the good stuff is happening in the Top Drawer and Fightsplosion, come by sometime.
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Roguehill at 9:26AM, Jan. 18, 2007
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Welcome to the Duck! Parking is in the rear and restrooms are down the hall on the right.


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