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Hi, veteran duck with RIP computer.
sandy at 7:49AM, Sept. 27, 2007
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It's official, my computer where I've done all of my work for the past six months has finally croaked. What does this mean? It means I can not update my comic for a while until I get word from the tech who's looking at the old clunker to tell me that it's time to go ahead and order myself a new one. In a way I'm happy it broke down because now I can get that fancy Dell XPS 410 that I've had my eyes on for a while. And of course a nice twenty inch flat screen would be nice. I've also found out that I'm paying more than fifty percent less than I paid for my old computer, seeing that I've already got the creative software I'm going to need to get back into the swing of things. Thank God I saved all that, and of course all my info is on an external drive which can be reuploaded onto a new computer and then, bingo, back in business. I'll let you all know when that happens, for now, it's adios until I am reserrected from the doldrums of computer withdrawl symptoms.
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maritalbliss at 9:10AM, Sept. 27, 2007
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Oh, that's such a bummer. Sorry to hear it. We recently lost our “main” computer and are workin' outta' laptops. Good luck with the computer search, we have to wait ‘till Christmas ourselves…Hopefully, you won’t have to wait that long.
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Dark Clown at 11:43AM, Sept. 27, 2007
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when you return we hope to say welcome back. till then Would you like some Cold Hot Cola while your away?

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Cthulhu at 12:18PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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Computer troubles…

The Computer was one of Mankind's best, and most annoying creations ever.

I hope to see you back soon.
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Lord Shplane at 3:35PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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I really have no idea who you are though
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sandy at 11:46AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Not to fear my friends, not to fear. I've already taken the step and ordered a brand new computer. A Dell XPS 410 with a Quad Core processor, flat screen and more RAM than I know what to do with. I'll probably be back up and running at the end of this month, and probably at the time where I'm also recovering from wrist surgery. So fear not. CZK is just in a temporary haitus.
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Miss Annoying at 2:40PM, Sept. 30, 2007
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why dont i know you people ?_? are you some kind of bird?
Too many table tops
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Priest_Revan at 2:42PM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Welcome back dude.

I recognize the avatar.
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sandy at 8:42AM, Oct. 1, 2007
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Thanks Priest, It won't be long now before I'm up and running with a new computer. I await my Dell XPS 410 with a beautiful quad core processor. Also, I'm going to have some surgery done on my arm on Wednesday, so that may also slow things down a bit for me. I suspect sometime at the end of this month, that I'll be all good with my new system. And I only spend about seventeen hundred for everything. All in one printer included.
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Poke Alster at 9:45AM, Oct. 29, 2007
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Sounds a great PC welcome back
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trevoramueller at 9:04AM, Oct. 30, 2007
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Best of luck with the PC. I'm crossing my fingers that mine doesn't crap out on me in the near future, since I can't really afford another one right now (also, Vista sucks and all my software is for a PC, so it's way too expensive for me to get a MAC).
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