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Hiatus over! I'm back.
thatreevesgirl at 9:19AM, July 22, 2006
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Hi everyone…I'm thatreevesgirl…

before the integration of names on the duck I think I also held the screennames promise2003 and sockpuppetbob and probably some others too…now I'm just thatreevesgirl

I have been on hiatus (since the duck died last novemberish) due to lack of the internet after I moved. But now I have moved again and am with the joy known as high-speed internet and am back

Comics I have done in the past:
Sock Puppet Bob-will be reborn soon
Wolves in Sheeps Clothing-will NEVER be revived…ever, ever, ever!
Molly-I think that was its name…might come back
JATM-soo sad…I let it die…I love Jesusandtheman too!

Comics that are COMING
After (I think you'll like this one…just click on the picture link below in my signature)

I also make plushies! I love making them! So much fun!

I have a deviantart account
And I am an Anime and Manga addict (as well as western and webcomics)

Thanks for taking the time to read. I appreciate it.
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Comicmasta at 9:23AM, July 22, 2006
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Welcome back to drunk duck ^-^
i have been brought back….The Boanitia..grrrrr…..Must find Super Jesus!!!!!
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Skulldog at 8:51PM, July 22, 2006
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Welcome back yo.
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Chelano at 1:21PM, July 24, 2006
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I like the comics….very nice
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