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hpkomic... gone?!
hpkomic at 4:17PM, Jan. 17, 2006
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Yeah yeah, just letting you know that I lost my internet access on the 13th, and verizon says I'll be getting it back on the 27th (my birthday, how ironic). Given that it's verizon, it's likely I won't have an internet connection until early next month.

So for now my comic is on a hiatus (sorry) and all my reviews and the official DD jam will need to move on without me.

So uh, sorry.
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Randal at 4:51PM, Jan. 17, 2006
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that sucks. but on the bright side. i have longer to work on that cosmic dash color job. see you in a week or three.
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Black_Kitty at 6:39PM, Jan. 17, 2006
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Well at least we know you're okay. :D Hope to see you back soon!

.: Black Kitty :.
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SpANG at 6:42PM, Jan. 17, 2006
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ah, well. Maybe they'll give you 3Mbps upload when you come back up. That's what I have. :P

.: SpANG! :.
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blu at 9:46PM, Jan. 17, 2006
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*throws a hissy fit*

i need you in the nightgig chat to op for me so i can idle. :<
other than that, this comment is pointless.
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marine at 10:32PM, Jan. 17, 2006
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you had a comic dave?
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Bastet at 2:40PM, Jan. 19, 2006
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That sucks. D: See you soon!
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Nitro at 5:41PM, Feb. 2, 2006
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Can't wait for your return bro! :)
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