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I don't want to be like everyone else by saying, "hello" so I won't
MicMit at 7:52AM, June 18, 2010
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Hey DD, I'm Micmit some of you might remember me for a different account I had several years ago under the name PhatScurl. I've chosen to kind of redo my “image” and start from scratch.

Anyway, for those curious, I'm an art student now studying Illustration and aspiring to be a graphic novelist. I started drawing comics when I was about 12, and it slowly became the thing I love to do most. I've kind of done a little bit of everything since then, manga-style, action, gag strips, and a super-hero comic, but in the last 2 years or so I've become focused on creating more literary comics.

I read a lot of comics, and have a collection I'm quite proud of. Some of my favorite artists are Will Eisner, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Daniel Clowes, and Art Spiegelman.

So yeah, I'm basically an art snob with a specialization in comics, but I hope you guys still enjoy having me here. I loved the forums before and I'm hoping it will be much the same now.
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fantasmagoric at 10:29AM, June 18, 2010
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Hello there, I like your style.
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