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I say, hello there... again
Liriel at 8:43PM, July 5, 2006
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Old timey Drucker returning to the fold for vague reasons having to do with flip-flopping host gone wild, and well… I'm lonely. Hello to those I may or may not directly remember and hello also to new folks. Well met and all~

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skoolmunkee at 2:21AM, July 6, 2006
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'sup doodette. :)
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Chelano at 7:01AM, July 6, 2006
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welcome back. (^_^)
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SpANG at 7:31AM, July 6, 2006
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Hey, Liriel! Welcome back to the Duck.

How're things goin' on Buzz?

.: SpANG! :.
“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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spambot at 11:58AM, July 6, 2006
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Welcome back!
Are you starting BB back up or just posting the archives?

I'm also doing that other comic "Space Waffles".
We now have a podcast called The Random Pirate Comics Show!
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Liriel at 7:49PM, July 6, 2006
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Skool: Yo 8)

Chelano: Heya, thanks :D

SpANG!: Uhm, buzz seems to be okay, but I just got back there myself, still got broken buttons, though Mneonix poked his head in for a moment when I first returned. So… it's about the same as it's been in the last few months. We're trying to start a bitchfest actually to get some life kicking in the forums again (MaRiNe should come visit XD).

Pixie: Hey girlfriend :D Nice to see you're back too 8)

Jonah, Jonah, Jonah, me long time friend… I'm posting the archives for the moment, a page a day, but yeah, if things go well I'll be updating here again too, though probably delayed a day or two to keep advertisers happy, you know how it goes.

Thanks all for the warm welcome back ^__^

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Adariel at 12:47AM, July 7, 2006
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oh hello there, welcome back
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Comicmasta at 8:24AM, July 8, 2006
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Hello Miss who i never think ive met before but looks strangely familiar from some other forum.
i have been brought back….The Boanitia..grrrrr…..Must find Super Jesus!!!!!
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tabletop at 11:23AM, July 8, 2006
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Hi! :D
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