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I'm back... AGAIN!!
Trantor at 4:59AM, Dec. 7, 2009
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Hi Everyone!

This is Trantor (aka Karl Kuras), some of the old timers may remember me as the Drawnsword guy, way back from DD's earliest days (heck I was around for the FIRST big crash… damn it's been a while). I'm back, reposting the old Drawnsword archive right now here as well as my I Heart Sushi material here.

I'm also posting new material at my home site

My current output schedule will be one new I Heart Sushi stand alone comic per week, and one 12 page Drawnsword story per year (for anyone interested, I will be posting two stories never before put online once the archive is up… so yes, something to look forward to!)

So hope to talk to some of you old fogies again and some of the whippersnappers as well. :)

Karl “Trantor” Kuras
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Ozoneocean at 5:46AM, Dec. 7, 2009
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Hi,man. Good to have you back again, it's been a loooong while :)
Welcome back to DD!
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Erad at 6:24AM, Dec. 7, 2009
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Oooo, welcome back to DD

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