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i'm starting a shortie just to practise!
zero_kury at 2:43PM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Ok. i have an offer you can't refuse. BlindAlley just had 8-10 pages scripted, and then i've been improvising, what made the comic look crappier and crappier everyday, which doesn't really matter cause from the beginning it was just an excuse to polish some roughness in my drawing style, something i didn't quite get i think. but i told myself enough is enough and in an effort not to suck so much, i came up with this idea.
my proposal is as follows: i'm opening a contest. what is it about? it's a writing contest, –tho if this post is gonna get as many replies as the last 2 ones, i think, here's where this contest ends–. i'll take my chances anyway. It's easy to understand.

1) you script an appropriate ending for my comic in 4 pages, customizing most of the things, dialogues, layout, camera angles, pacing and other… except for –of course– the drawing style, which won't get any more complex –no matter how much you kick and cry–.
2) you email me your script to
3) i pick the best one out.
4) i draw the 4 pages, with which my comic will have an ending.
5) and the winner, wins 20 pages –tops– of my art –meaning the same drawing style you see in my comic–, for a comic they'll write. not 1 more –but can be less–. 20 pages tops, that'll be hosted by DrunkDuck and credited as both our work in collab.
6) no runners-up. sorry for that. i'm a pretty lazy artist.
7) deadline, 8th, October.

If you're concerned about all you'll have to read to come up with an appropriate ending for this comic, don't, for BlindAlley has only 12 pages so far!
Just remember that the style i'm mostly interested in is manga, so, tho' even i admit i don't quite have a grip of it, that's what i'm aiming to. ok, that's pretty much it. good luck, and thank to all that want to participate… if any….
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