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I've been Inspired!
Ninja Krow at 12:53AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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Well not all that much really. LOL

Ok! Lets see here. Hi, I'm Krow, and I'm 5 foot 11 inches with almost black hair brown eyes and very sun tanned for the moment. I am 27 years old (1980) and still tick, tick, tick, ticking…

My perfect sunday is out by the lake or at the side of a river casting an unhooked and unbaited line and just listening to the water while enjoying the shade of a few well placed trees. That or Playing some mindlessly violent first person shooter game on my 360 or Computer.

I enjoy reading, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Brian Keene, and Few Choise others.

I also Enjoy Video Games, Gears of War, Unreal Torunament. now while I love my Xbox 360, I really don't care much for Halo. Not saying I hate it, it's just I don't much care for it. Sorry fanboys if this is an insult to all that is godlike.

As for Films, I am a totally Hopeless Chick Flick Nut. That and Zombies Films (All off them. the good, the bad, and the ugly B-rated ones) But one of my favorite Films of all is the very First Rambo Movie. First Blood (all the rest where ok but went down hill after First blood) and if I had a chance to remake it, I would.

In my free time (Which is all the time as I am disabled) I work on an Unreal Tournament (2004 and the New UT3) mod I've planned. Making 3D Models and Levels alond with very Basic Textures. I also write alot and Now i am revisiting my days of drawing my very own comic strip.

Now I admit that my comic strip is not very well done, but it's fun and I don't care how aweful it is… LOL

Hmmm I think thats about it.

Anywho, this is me for what it's worth.

Oh yeah, That and Hello Yall…
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Lord Shplane at 1:11AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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Hello… Mnyes.
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Miss Annoying at 8:31AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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ello sir and welcome ^.^
Too many table tops
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maritalbliss at 10:13AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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Okay, here goes…

Hi Krow, I'm Lynn. I'm 4'11 with long reddish-blonde hair and blue eyes. I am tragically pale, always. I'm a bit older than 27 and am constantly bein' carded…More for my size I think…Although…I'm not complainin'.

My perfect Sunday would be hangin' with my husband, Ethan doin' whatever comes to mind; wherever we happen to be.

I am a voracious reader, Lovecraft always a good choice (Oh, Cthulhu–you are missed.) and King is a master…Keene is still quite new, but I did enjoy The Rising.

I am not much into Video Games myself…really more my husband's cup of Joe. I will play the occassional game with him. I, personally, am addicted to word games and Mahjong.

I am a Hopeless Movie Nut in General. All movies, I love 'em. I have yet to meet the person that can understand the majority of my “Chick-Flick” references. Zombies (By, the way…I must take a moment to say…I am SO impressed and proud of Rob Zombie and his hot-ass wife.) I love me the Zombie movies. Ever since I was a kid and saw, Night of the Comet I was hooked. I remember makin' my dad go and rent like nine or ten different Zombie movies and we had us a “Zombiefest.” It was great. I'm a John Rambo fan…although, my favorite Sly movie is probably, Demolition Man. I just love that movie. My favorite genre is by-far sci-fi; but, I never turn down a good comedy.

I'm a Housewife/Writer. I cook, clean, wear pearls and read comics.

My husband, Ethan is a cowboy. He wants to be an artist. We have one little single-panel comic strip hosted here and are working on serious comic books. I write all the time on too many projects (which is my problem…I know it! Doesn't mean I can fix it.) and help Ethan score cartoonin' gigs. We have no kids, maybe soon…who knows.

I think that's about it…Welcome to Drunk Duck, it's a hoot-n'a-half.
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Bocaj at 10:26AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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Welcome, also don't drink the cold hot cola.
(It has crushed up birth control pills in it.)
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Dark Clown at 12:49PM, Aug. 19, 2007
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LIES LIES and Slander!

Welcome would you like some Cold Hot Cola?

This Fluid feels like Pain, This stoic mood is all in vain.
I reach into the dark, I tear this other me apart.
How many years ago, How many deaths I can't let go.
My Flesh Is Temporary, My God Extraordinary.
You… can''t… Kill… My… MIND!!!!!

The War Will continue, Just on a different battle field
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Ninja Krow at 12:02AM, Aug. 21, 2007
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@maritalbliss: LOL. Yeah. I just Did all that becuase Honestly, I had nothing better to say short of “Ummmmm, Hi….” I honestly feel that if a forums got a welcome/introduction Page, you might as well give everyone the strait dope, or nothing at all. But it's was fun reading your post. I'll be looking for you and your Hubbies, Strip. Any pointers on where to look at it? LOL, maybe your signature will guide me to my goal…

BTW: I heard his new one “DEAD SEA” is a pretty good one, but no cool “Demonic Smart Zombie” like in the rising. More classic style, And it good to hear some one also knows about keen other then me and a few Zombie friends of mine…

@Lord Shplane: Enlighten me about the meaning of Mnyes? I bet when I find out what that means I'm gonna feel really giblet brained about it…

@Bocaj: cold hot cola. yep, I'll besure to stay as far away from that as I can get…

@Dark Clown: Why yes, I would love some Cold Hot Cola…

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Peter Melvin at 3:26AM, Aug. 21, 2007
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Word! Nineteen-eighty posse yo! *odd gang hand gesture*

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AQua_ng at 3:33AM, Aug. 21, 2007
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Curse you eighties kids with your Transformers and your Magnum PI and your A-Team and your Bill & Ted and your Miami Vice and your He Man and your Pink Floyd and your flying machines and your blu-ray…

I mean welcome. Yes, welcome.

K.A.L.A-dan! Brigade Captain :D
K.A.L.A.-dan forums!
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Lord Shplane at 7:00AM, Aug. 21, 2007
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Ninja Krow
@Lord Shplane: Enlighten me about the meaning of Mnyes? I bet when I find out what that means I'm gonna feel really giblet brained about it…

Watch the Legendary Frog thing in my videos. I'm fairly certain that the narrator says it.

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Ninja Krow at 1:39PM, Aug. 21, 2007
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@Peter Melvin: Yeah, The 80's was a strange time for me. I was born on the 12th day of 1980, so I pretty much lived the entire Decade. Weird Hair and all. then again I was pretty weird that decade too. Still, I have my BMX from when i was a kid, Great bike.

@AQua_ng: Pink Floyd? yep, got into that. A-Team? Check. HeMan? Nope Thundercats, Robotech, Transformers, Ewoks, GI Joes, NINJA FLICKS, and Day of the Dead. Miami Vice Blew Chunks, I was a kid, that sort of show was way over my head. Bill & Ted was far too silly for a child of any age (1-1000 years old) but i guess it was alright for just a single sitting.

Blu-ray? Flying Machines?

The 80's is when I discovered Zombies at the age of 6. A friend of mine and I raided his DADs VHS collection and found a few videos that where not aloowed to watch. We watched them. Night of the Living dead, it Scared me. But was so much fun. From then on out. I was addicted. Use to line up my GI Joes in a Lincon Log house and and make other GI Joe's out side attacking the house as zombies. LOL…

@Lord Shplane: Ok, I'll give it a view, just as soon as I hit the send Button.

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Adariel at 6:34AM, Aug. 23, 2007
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thus dawns the new age of image greetings.

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Eunice P at 10:17PM, Aug. 23, 2007
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You're still younger than me. *ruffles his hair*

Welcome young one.
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Cthulhu at 5:20AM, Aug. 24, 2007
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Welcome to DrunkDuck!

Stay for a while, read a comic, make one… Whatever… Just stay… This won't hurt a bit…
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Ninja Krow at 1:50AM, Aug. 27, 2007
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@Cthulhu: Well now that I know that my god, Cthulhu, is present here. Your going to have to assassinate me to make me stop hanging round here… LOL…
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DLMcomics at 11:46AM, Aug. 27, 2007
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Yeah, but he's a cuddly Cthulhu.

Aww…wook at 'em.

*pinches tentacle cheeks
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qdawg at 3:39PM, Aug. 27, 2007
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Welcome. You'll find your stay here…..enjoyable.
Rockin it fatboy style.
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marine at 5:00AM, Aug. 28, 2007
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Hello there!

My names Matt. I recently turned to being embarrassed giving out my age, due to my childish and immature behavior. I'm about six feet tall.

My perfect Sunday is making my silly comics. Or to just read comic books all day.

My favorite chick flick is also Rambo first blood and probably I Spit on Your Grave or maybe the Cannibal Holocaust.

I'm also an avid reader myself, although I prefer the comic book medium as I am retarded and don't have the patients or time to visualize a story without pictures. I like a bit of writing myself, Lovecraft's great at what he done. Clive Barker's a good one to get into as well. Stephen Kings a great writer too. I'd say my favorite books probably Clockwork Orange or maybe Starship Troopers, its hard to give a definitive favorite. I know who my favorite writer is by far though: Garth Ennis. Based solely on his comic book work on The Punisher, the man is a genius.

I also enjoy some video games. I've played all the ones you've mentioned, but I'm on a shoestring budget right now and cannot afford any new games currently. Most of my time is spent messing around on Saints Row or playing the latest crappy demo from xbox live.
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Ninja Krow at 8:26PM, Aug. 28, 2007
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@DLMcomics:When hasn't Cthulhu been cuddly? I mean really when I first read “The Call of Cthulhu” (AGE 10) all I wanted to do was give Cthulhu one big hug. I really don't understand why any one would be afrade of her. Yes Cthulhu is a Her. Most people think she's a he but if you seen my Next Exwife in the morning you'll understand why i think this.

@qdawg: I am finding my stay here very…..ENJOYABLE!

@marine: Yeah I agree with you on Clockwork and Starship Troopers (The Movie is a Guilty pleasue of mine but the book rocked.) as for Spit on your grave and Cannibal Holocaust are great flicks.
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Glarg at 11:33AM, Aug. 29, 2007
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I hope you'll have a great time here in Drunkduck. Greetings and welcome :)
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Ninja Krow at 1:29PM, Aug. 30, 2007
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@Glang: Thank you… By the way… Great Avatar…
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Poke Alster at 3:44AM, Sept. 3, 2007
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welcome dude
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