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BYCWArchAngel at 8:13PM, June 4, 2008
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Hi. My name is Randy and I am the artist for the comic “All Saints” ( It is a post-apocalyptic story revolving around the ever so mysterious Sarasan Virus….no it doesn't have zombies. We (me in particular) will be attending school full-time this coming fall and I will be in art school (harder than it sounds) going to school from 9-5, Monday-Friday, and then working my job (I'm a manager for a retail store) on top of that. I thought I could catch a break by finding myself an inker (non-paying of course! ;-) ). Obviously this is not a pay job, but quickly, if you are reading this, here are some benefits:

-We were an already featured comic that updates once a week.
-We have a pretty big (not ridiculously huge) fanbase.
-The story is awesome.
-The art is very sketchy, yet clean.
-The story is already written (so no last minute page making!)

If you are an inker (or just love tracing…hah kidding of course) please drop us a line in this thread, or even on the page…or you can even PQ me or Dave…you can find him by going to the All Saints page! We would love to hear from you and I would love to see some samples too! This is an awesome project to jump on and maybe someday will see print! No promises, but we can wish can't we? Hope to hear from you guys (or girls too!) as soon as possible! Thanks for reading this thread, and we wish you the best in all your endeavors (with us or not).

-Randy Haldeman
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