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Johnny Saturn/Story Studios Pinup Context--Get Printed!
Scott Story at 7:05AM, April 9, 2008
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Hello, All:

Would you like to see one of your drawings in print? If you've got the drawing chops, then Story Studios LLC. is putting together a Johnny Saturn pinup book featuring numerous artists. I'll pick the best twenty-five entries, and any others submitted will appear as thumbnails on the honorable mention page. Of the twenty five pinups accepted, one will be chosen as the cover and colored.

The pinup may be of Johnny Saturn, and/or any of the huge cast of Spire City supporting heroes and villains. Single character shots are fine, but group shots are great too. If you need character references, the entire story may be downloaded for free as PDFs at, or read online for free at If you are the sole owner of an indie character, you can do a team-up pinup with your character and characters from the Johnny Saturn universe. Battles between different characters are fine as well, such as a fight with your hero and a Spire City Villain.

The pinups need to be in black and white'you can use the medium of your choice (pen and ink, ink wash, gray-scaling, shaded graphic, whatever), as long as the pinup is finished artwork.

All entries should be 6.875“ x 10.5” 300 dpi grayscale JPEG or Tiff (LZW compression), flattened, with all the important elements of the pinup contained within the 6.25“ x 9.25” safe zone. You may include your website under your signature on the pinup, if you wish.

If you submit a pinup, you warrant that it is your art, and not traced or based on another artist's or photographer's work. The original artwork is yours to keep, and you can use the image as a portfolio piece, online or in person; while the scanned version becomes Story Studios LLC.'s property. Participants are entitled to no compensation.

Email pinup entries to along with your name and mailing address. Please have all entries in by April 23, 2008.

All twenty-five artists will each receive a complimentary copy of the pinup book, and all participants will be alerted by email when the book goes to print.

Thanks, and Good Luck!
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SpANG at 6:16PM, April 9, 2008
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I edited your post for clarity. It came over with lots of gibberish characters. hope you don't mind.
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