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Just a momentary setback...
AQua_ng at 2:23AM, Nov. 25, 2006
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My computer ker-ploded. I won't be on for a while. :(.

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Ozoneocean at 2:37AM, Nov. 25, 2006
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Bye bye for now AQua :(
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Glarg at 7:59AM, Nov. 25, 2006
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sorry about your kerploded computer aqua ….I know the loss is tragic but….dont try to play god, dont bring it to that indian burrial ground about 3 blocks away from your house, you know the one with the sign. Mighty awful things happen when you try to re-awaken the dead mhmmmmm *Smoking from a pipe*
Ya aut not to go to that indian burial ground.

Hope we see ya around.
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Brinx at 7:51PM, Nov. 25, 2006
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aw well that sucks. But there is one thing that I must do. Let me see your computer.

*Aqua gives Brinx computer*

Okay I'll make this quick by doing the short version… Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. okay I'm done good bye.
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Mega Josh at 8:01PM, Nov. 25, 2006
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I know the feeling of having your computer die out on you, AQua. I know it all too well.
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