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Laddles and Jellyspoons. I propose a final fantasy dissidia collaberation.
same at 10:52AM, March 18, 2010
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Recently i decided i wanted to make a comic bassed on dissidia although i have not played every final fantasy in the series. So as a proposal and community project i propose that anyone who wants to join in on the DD Dissidia comic draws a comic around the character of their choice bassed on their Dissidia appearence.

Available characters

Warrior of light - Garland
Firion - The Emperor
Onion knight - Dark cloud
Cecil Harvey - Golbez
Bartz/butz Klauser(lol) - Exdeath
Terra Bradford - Kefka Palazzo
Cloud Strife - Sephiroth Cresent (Yes. Actually thats his surname. His mother was lucrecia cresent)
Squal Leonheart - Ultimecia
Zidane Tribal - Kuja
Tidus - Jecht
Cosmos - Chaos

Anyone can participate that wants to. Just dont troll.
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