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lefarce at 4:40PM, June 22, 2009
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Going to try this again.

LFN was a forum I ran, or well it is a forum I RUN just that I dont bother to promote it or hand the link out or anything. Well on LFN we did a little thing called “LFN Theater 3000”, which works very similar to Mystery Science Theater in which we watch shitty films and make wise-cracks through them. We would set them up by finding the links to the movie of the night and distributing them to the viewers before watching, then invite everyone to an AIM chat and watch it in tandum.

I dont give a shit about reviving my forum, but LFN3k was nothin' but good times and I would like to get it going again. I'm currently working on a website to house upcoming films, links, as well as the chatlogs from the night of viewing, but before I do I want to see how many people I can get onboard. We're going to watch a movie probably this Friday or Saturday, and it will be horrible. The goal is to get as many people in on it as we can, so it's open admission to anyone willing to put themselves through the torture of watching b movies with someone on the internet.

To be a part of LFN Theater 3000 Version 2.0 just send me a PQ with your AIM username. We're also open to movie suggestions, although we might not take every one that gets sent our way. If it sounds like something you want to be a part of, here is the first movie we're going to watch:


A movie about a team of future cops based on Street Fighter characters. And… these guys?

Movie review site TarsTarkas describes Future Cops as such:

They're cops from the future, FUTURE COPS! Actually, these future cops look a lot like characters from Street Fighter 2, because they are! This is a film loosely based on the manga adaptation of Street Fighter, and great liberties were taken with some of the characters and the story. Granted, this is a Wong Jing film (writer of Naked Weapon, director of My Kung Fu Sweetheart) so it will be pretty silly regardless. Street Fighter characters would return again in Wong Jing's City Hunter, based on a different manga and starring Jackie Chan, who becomes Chun Li at one point there.

The movie is devided into 13 parts, and we will provide all the links at the time of showing (Friday at 8pm EST). Again, if it's something you want to be a part of, send me a PQ for more info and backstory, and please list your AIM username in the message.

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