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Looking for artist
XeaRi at 7:50PM, Aug. 11, 2007
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I have a story, SoulSpy, that was on SmackJeeves not too long ago, but had never really started apart from having a title page. Unfortunately its artist, BohemianCloud, is busy with life (something of which I have none… >.> ). I'd like to see SoulSpy turn into a comic. I'm an artist myself, but I barely have time for my comic Tales of Kenah as it is. I find writing goes faster for me. So this is my shout out for an artist.

Here's the description for SoulSpy:
It is widely believed that when a person dies, they go to a different “world” to “live” an afterlife. But this is not so. When a person's body ceases to function, it can no longer house the soul within. The soul escapes the body into the world, into the soul realm.
A SoulSpy is a living person whose soul can separate from their body without their dying. Their soul can then enter others' bodies and communicate with the soul that lives there. They also have one other power unique to them.
Raven, a living teenage girl starting high school, has her life diverted onto the path of souls when Tristan, an important assistant to the Soul Queen, is instructed to find the SoulSpy and bring her back to the Queen's domain. Raven is this SoulSpy, and the Queen wants her powers to help her cleanse the soul realm of all souls in an effort to start anew. Raven must decide whether the Queen is on the right path, and what to do about the wrong one.

Okay, it's a bit long since the first half is more about the world. Anyway… SS does have a bit of shounen-ai (boy love) in it, but that can be easily removed or added to depending on your choice (if you were to be the artist). I only have a prologue and two chapters, so I'm willing to work with the artist on the story. Pretty much anything is negotiable, really. I write in book style, not script (as in “Panel 1: person does this, says this” ), although I may be able to “translate” it if need be.

I don't really mind about update speed, or colour, or format, or anything. It shall all be discussed. Like I said, I'm flexible about it.

If you're interested or have questions or something, reply to this thread or send me a PQ.

*EDIT* I've found an artist. :)

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