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Looking for Artist for a Comedic Cryptozoology Comic to publish
JRarts at 8:06PM, Nov. 5, 2008
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Hey all, me again.
I'm looking for an artist to collaborate with on a comic based of the science of Cryptozoology and the supernatural. I plan on sending this to Slave Labor Inc and Dark Horse Comics for publication consideration. Untitled at the moment, the comic stars Colin Andrews- a no name amateur Cryptozoologist who is for reasons unknown to him chosen by an eccentric billionaire to lead a 5 man team on private expeditions to locate cryptozoological and mythical creatures. The story would be told in arc, each arc sending the team to a different location in search of a different cryptid or creature.

The style I am looking for is vague, my own concept sketches ranging from realistic to Jhonen Vasque-like characters. Anything is welcome but I feel the comic would possible benefit from a more cartoony feel.

If anyone is interested, please send me a PM or contact me at
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