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Looking for people for our team
diana_m at 12:14PM, Sept. 28, 2008
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We,at Wolfeye Studios,are looking for people for our team.
Artists,writers,artists/writers,flash animators,fanfiction writers,game makers.
You don't need to be very good.We're not very good either.
You just need to be a hard worker,a friend and…
Well,that's it.
As long as you work,you're hired.
P.S.:You're not getting paid.
./\_/\ I'm a wolf.
/.o.o\ I ate the bunny.
\..o../ It was tasty.

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dsuursoo at 9:50PM, Oct. 8, 2008
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I'm a writer, wouldn't mind being part of a group effort. what is the studio attitude on original content?

also, what kind of team do you have built up already?
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CLASSIFIED1 at 3:28PM, Oct. 10, 2008
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I'll bite, i'm just starting out as a comic writer but i'd love any chance to work on my skills. Let me know waht your working on i'd love to help out.
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