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hpkomic at 9:42PM, Jan. 11, 2006
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In order to be as anal as possible, I have compiled a list of all the jams and group projects that are currently underway. So hopefully this can be a be all, end all refrence for anyone.

The Drunk Duck Fusion: It's like a comic jam, but you can only see the panel that came before you when you do yours. Always hilarious or confusing.

The Drunk Duck Road Rally: It's a racing battle themed comic jam. Signups are open.

Aus Comics: All Aussies, all the time.

Starving Artists: The poor man's comic jam.
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Aussie_kid at 11:51PM, Feb. 5, 2006
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Where's Aus comics? It's not officially a DD community project, but it is a community project
Insanity Complex: We may not be insane, but we like to think we are
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Chameloncholic at 12:50AM, Feb. 6, 2006
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Also Starving Artists.
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