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Lurking vs Posting.
ronin356 at 12:47PM, April 1, 2008
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I don't know about you guys, but i feel like just reading this board more than adding to the discusion.

Anybody here who likes to lurk more than postings?
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Chernobog at 6:19PM, April 1, 2008
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I only read the forums here every so often as of right now, but it doesn't bother me much to post here. The community is not typically so belligerent outside TD that nothing can be said without fire being breathed upon one's words. Other forums, I will tend to ghost them, most of them I don't even bother registering. Why? Excessive fanboyism, cliques, poor moderation, etc. Even still, I think it something of a virtue to pick one's battles. In a way, standing up and being heard can be just that.
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Skullbie at 7:33PM, April 1, 2008
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I couldn't stand just reading, I post everywhere, even if I don't have a clear point or answer- but I guess I just want to add to the discussions.
Honestly I'm not afraid if my post incites drama or hate so I post at will- the past/current forums I hung out at encourage a daily dose of it.

DD is a nice forum though, :3 I like it a lot.
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AQua_ng at 9:51AM, April 2, 2008
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I lurk a lot.

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darrell at 10:14AM, April 2, 2008
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I tend to lurk a lot. I'm curious to see what's going on on DrunkDuck and such but don't really feel like I have much to contribute to the conversations.
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Frostflowers at 10:21AM, April 2, 2008
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I'm about fifty-fifty - I only post when I think I have something to say. Mindlessly upping my postcount is pointless. I'm not afraid of causing drama - I'm a big girl, and know how to take an argument when it comes to me - so I don't shy away from the discussion-threads, but I keep out of it if it's about a subject I don't feel familiar enough with.
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Custard Trout at 10:23AM, April 2, 2008
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I like to contribute, but only when I have something to add. Few things get on my nerves more than people who speak with nothing to say.
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crocty at 10:35AM, April 2, 2008
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Yeah, I usually post.
But with some threads, I just lurk. Because usually, I have nothing to say.
Like custard said. No point in posting with nothing to say.
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kitty17 at 10:36AM, April 2, 2008
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I used to post alot….but now-a-days I tend to lurk more than actually contribute to the forums. I would like to post more…but sometimes I feel like I truely have nothing to say.

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Memmy at 11:41AM, April 2, 2008
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I'm with the majority. I only post when I have something to say. Nowdays I rarely post in DD forums and its usually because there's nothing new or someone already beat me to speaking up on some subject. Whats the point in repeating what's already said?
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Steely Gaze at 12:53PM, April 2, 2008
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Well I hate following the crowd, but I will this time. I only post when I feel I can add to, or want to add to, the current thread. If I've just got some random gibberish in my skull, I'll let it out in some other way than via a forum.
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patrickdevine at 1:56PM, April 2, 2008
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I'll post if I think that I can add to the discussion. If somebody else has already basically said what I would have I'll leave it alone and just read the thread.
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Glarg at 1:58PM, April 2, 2008
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I've suddently become a massive lurker, whenever I try to post I always delete it because I feel that whatever I typed doesn't really contribute anything to the topic… curse you low self-esteem!
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Product Placement at 2:10PM, April 2, 2008
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I have lurking fase and posting fase.

Guess which one I'm in right now.
Those were my two cents.
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Bocaj at 3:21PM, April 2, 2008
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I have a lurk to post ratio of 7:3.

The reason why my post count is high is because I used to post alot, and I still do a bit.
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Orange at 7:02PM, April 2, 2008
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Used to post all the time, but now I just lurk…everywhere.
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seventy2 at 10:18PM, April 2, 2008
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usedbooks at 10:52PM, April 2, 2008
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Depends on the subforum. There are some I have no interest in at all (not even reading), some I like to read often but not contribute to – usually I have nothing to contribute or it's a place I don't feel I “belong” (like the “Fightsplosion” stuff), and there are some where I post on many threads. There are also boards I check once in a while that rarely have a thread of interest to me, but I like to catch the ones that are (like the community/networking forum).
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LoveandGuns at 12:44AM, April 3, 2008
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I usually post a lot in TD, but I don't post much outside of it.

I like to lurk around before stating any of my opinions or whatnot.
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simonitro at 5:11AM, April 3, 2008
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It depends on the topic…

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mishi_hime at 5:19AM, April 3, 2008
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ill post everywhere im bored…
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Marguati at 6:36AM, April 3, 2008
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trying to satisfactorily convey my thoughts through a barely understandable english is too much a strain for my already exhausted brain cells most of the times, so I'll say “lurk”
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pinkertonpark at 6:50AM, April 3, 2008
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yup…I'm a lurker.
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