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Monsters. Nekkid Ladies. I just can't stop myself.
Adam Black at 8:39PM, April 29, 2007
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Hello, all –

I'm Adam Black, and I'm drawing the KISS 4K webcomic which is linked in the sig image below.

I used to be a comic book artist waaaay back in 1995-97. You know…back when everyone and their brother were making comics. Right before the whole industry imploded under the weight of variant chromium covers and “collectible” zero issues and free trading cards with every issue and all that crap. My timing wasn't the best, that's for sure.

I gave it up for about ten years and went to work in the RPG industry, doing illustrations for Talislanta (fourth ed.), Blue Planet (second ed.) and some other places. You know…right about the time the RPG industry started dying out.

I have this thing for bad timing, I guess. ;)

Now, I'm doing comics again. I gotta say, I missed it. I forgot how much fun this was.

There's really not much more to tell. I have some of art up on my site, Monsters And Nekkid Ladies, which you probably shouldn't look at if you're underage and/or you're not supposed to look at boobies and such. There are links to my MySpace profile, CafePress store…all that jazz. Go check it out!

Er, unless you're underage or…oh, wait. I said that already. Nevermind.
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marine at 2:28AM, April 30, 2007
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your arts not that bad, welcome to DD
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cincy74 at 7:57AM, April 30, 2007
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Monsters, naked ladies, and beer. That's the life! Awesome site.
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