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More pageviews?
suzi at 2:25PM, Dec. 13, 2006
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So I've noticed, while the pageviews for my comic are very stable, I keep dropping in the ranking. About a week and a half ago, I had been comfortably at #18 for some time (except when I didn't update for a few days). I've dropped in the ranks, but my pageviews haven't.

So my guess is that DD in general is getting more hits. Woo! I make zero effort to advertise, whether it be by banners or commenting or anything (which might be changing), so I guess I'm just milking my loyal fanbase (ARGH BAD IMAGE), but the featured comics and top guys seem to be attracting these new people (or new interest).

My brain's kind of dead, and I have a feeling that this post was really disjointed. But do you get my drift? We (as a community) might be getting more people

though my comic is stagnant ):
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Ozoneocean at 2:40PM, Dec. 13, 2006
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Perhaps that comicspace stuff has an effect?
It's funny though, comics that have a lot of visitors that manage to get to the front-page will then get even more visitors, making it more likely that they'll stay there. :)

Anyway, a few new comics have joined, like the famous Atland, which got a feature almost immediately, it now has a front page spot and is the kind of thing that'd push you down in the list Suzi. It's part of the constant problems with these sorts of systems we'll always have here. Volte6 tries to make them fairer, but I don't think it's possible that'll ever be the case.

SO there you go, it's the new popular comics that do it to you, not necessarily more visitors.
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mapaghimagsik at 11:43AM, Dec. 15, 2006
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I don't really push Taking Stock on the forums much, but hit political blogs and whatnot. After Tinsley's fall from grace, I found a fair number of hits coming to Taking Stock.

So I agree with the idea (and hope its true) that DD is getting more traffic, because more traffic means more money for DD and better services for us, which is good for Taking Stock.

But like I said, I don't advertise Taking Stock very much ;)
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