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Mt Franklin
herio at 3:47AM, Oct. 3, 2007
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go do it now Mt Franklin is donating 100K to breast cancer research. For each “positive thought” Mt franklin will add $1 to the total (up to an additional 150K).

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Will at 5:32AM, Oct. 3, 2007
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it really is a great idea eh? i think i read about it in the paper… i advise everyone to do it, it honestly doesn't take long at all and leaves you with a wonderful feeling :3
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TheMidge28 at 7:11AM, Oct. 3, 2007
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much agreed…what a beneficial and encouraging way to raise money for research…plus people adding thoughts are not required to donate…
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shisno15 at 1:03PM, Oct. 3, 2007
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I have a family member right now who is going though brest cancer and I have to say adding a postive thought has definatly made me feel wonderful.
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