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Mushroom is out of the forums
Mushroomcomix at 8:59PM, Feb. 18, 2009
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I hate to say it but I am going to have to take my leave of the forums for a while, I have overwhelmed my self with the extra classes I am taking in school so I can get my degree faster…Yo! Comix will continue its update schedule though…as for Mushroom Comix Presents it will update as often as I can manage, at least once a week I am hoping. I will also continue to comment and read on all my favs :)

I should be back in a couple weeks as soon as I get caught up with all my school work.
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Dark Clown at 7:28AM, Feb. 19, 2009
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Would you like some Cold Hot Cola as your mind unravels?

This Fluid feels like Pain, This stoic mood is all in vain.
I reach into the dark, I tear this other me apart.
How many years ago, How many deaths I can't let go.
My Flesh Is Temporary, My God Extraordinary.
You… can''t… Kill… My… MIND!!!!!

The War Will continue, Just on a different battle field
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amanda at 7:35AM, Feb. 19, 2009
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Noooooo! *clings to your leg* What will I do without you? I can feel the darkness closing in already…

*cough cough*
No worries! See you in a couple weeks ^.~
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Ironscarf at 2:58PM, Feb. 19, 2009
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Stay lucky, Chucky.
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Aghammer at 6:36PM, Feb. 19, 2009
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you will be missed man… hurry back! I'll save some pizza for you…

good to hear from you ironscarf… was afraid you were run over by one of those double-decker buses!
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makosuite at 7:38PM, Feb. 19, 2009
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bye bye.
“If you can only visit one, visit Vivid Imagery!”
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