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New to webcomics - appreciate your feedback!
theends at 12:05PM, April 14, 2009
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Hey how's it going,

I'm new to this whole webcomic thing, but as I started to look for places to put my comic, and I was blown away by the talent on Drunk Duck, and had to be a part of it.

I'm a Graphic Designer/Illustrator for a yearbook company (snooze) but I love to draw dark, twisted comic book art. My first gig was drawing skulls and dragons for a motorcycle graphics company (XGX Racing)which was really sweet, but I got married and needed a real job :) You know how it goes.

The story of the Ends has been in my head a long time, and is largely inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower series (sveeeet). It's so great to be able to finally bring the story to life for people to enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

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Puff_Of_Smoke at 12:20PM, April 14, 2009
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Hello, person with three posts.

I must say that I do like your comic.
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Custard Trout at 12:28PM, April 14, 2009
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You know, under every post you make (unless you're one of those guys who posts for publicity and never actually bothers reading his own threads), there's a link that let's you edit your signature. You can put your banner there and you won't have to copy and paste it into every post you make.

There's also a way to make it so the banner leads to your comic, but I don't remember how to do it. Some combination of the
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legueu at 5:25PM, April 14, 2009
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Hello there nice comic by the way.
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amanda at 6:27PM, April 14, 2009
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Hi, Brian! Welcome to the Duck ^.^ Your artwork and story are really fascinating and wonderful - great work! Definitely a far cry from any yearbook I've seen ^.~
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theends at 6:49PM, April 14, 2009
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Thanks for the compliments everybody! And thanks for the tip Custard Trout! I'll have to set that up. Thanks for reading!

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