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O hai there, need a writer?
mimi_chan at 2:02PM, Jan. 14, 2010
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Hi guys, I'm Mimi_Chan and I'm pretty new here. I've been reading lots of comics on here and EVERYONE is extremly talented! I love drawing comics myself but feel like they don't compare next to you guys (you're soo much better TT.TT) So I come forward with an offer to everyone. I have what I think are pretty good ideas for basic story lines, and I would love, love, LOVE if I could be script/story/whatever writer if someone could possibly draw it out for me! No one has to it's just an idea that's been floating in my skull, but I think it would be an awsome way to meet people and try to get some more writing skills in at the same time. So that's the offer and if someone does take the bait, I mean deal, please contact me! Ja'ne, ciao, adieu, and all those good-byes! ^.^ (BTW, I'm very fond of manga, but will really read anything)
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Erad at 5:49AM, Jan. 15, 2010
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Hi Mimi

Welcome to DD!

First thing I want to say is that not everyone can draw well. There are some amazing artistic talents but don't let that scare you from producing your own art style. Don't try to mimic anyone elses art, forge your own. You can only get better by trying your hand at your own drawings.

If that isn't an option you want to try, you can post in this area of the forums:

That link will send you to an area that is specifically allotted for just the thing you asked for above. Artists looking for writers, writers looking for artists, etc…

Hope you find some luck there.

All the best
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Dave7 at 3:07PM, Jan. 15, 2010
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Greetings, fellow writer, and welcome to The Duck. Nice to know I'm not the only one here who likes to write a lot but also has limited art skills.

Like Erad said, there's a networking section in the forums for writers seeking artists, although I hate to say that the ratio of writers to artists is usually pretty low, but don't let that discourage you from looking; there're people out there.

See you 'round!
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I Am The 1337 Master at 4:10PM, Jan. 15, 2010
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Finding artists is pretty hard but good luck there. :)

Welcome, too.
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