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Oddity from a night or so ago....
Skulldog at 8:04PM, Oct. 24, 2006
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You got a private note I beat. It lets you know in apopup window. Check the little mail icon over on the right there under ‘logout’. If that's lit up, then there's your answer.
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skoolmunkee at 11:28PM, Oct. 24, 2006
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Yeah, that is what I'm thinking as well.

I didn't think those operated as pop-ups though- they're a windows notification and not a proper browser popup. Although maybe some blockers can be configured to block a notification if it's sent from the browser.
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draxenn at 11:57PM, Oct. 24, 2006
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Any time i've had a popup blocker working, it always blocked mail notification from any sort of forum, be it phpbb or anything else i've used.
So that's really likely what it was.
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