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Ozoneocean at 10:45PM, Dec. 24, 2008
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And so it should really BE Christmas in most places that have it now. It's been Chrissy here for almost an entire day now, seeing it's almost 4 pm at the moment.

So what did you get?

I got food items exclusively… Well, apart from two nice leather belts. But food is all I wanted this year, glorious tasty treats of all different kinds. Almost all of them sweet; Turkish delights, baklavas, ginger fudge, shortbread, apricot jam, chocolate, blah blah blah… and so on. Delicious!
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TheFlyingGreenMonkey at 10:49PM, Dec. 24, 2008
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Well its still not time yet here in Cali but I got a cell phone for my grad. today so I'm counting it as a christmas present :D

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Sea_Cow at 11:41PM, Dec. 24, 2008
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I also got food!

For the record, it was a little box of ice breakers.
I am so happy to finally be back home
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notlikelytocare at 12:59AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Ahhh, good old commercialism, the true meaning of Christmas.

I didn't get anything because I don't celebrate Christmas, but I took advantage of a sale at Petsmart and got my dog a huge rawhide candy cane. She then proceeded to chew it for 5 minutes, then decide it wasn't interesting enough.
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seventy2 at 1:21AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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i got drukn? i still am?

Running Anew an exercise blog.
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ttyler at 2:56AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Nothing this year. Oh well. There will be other xmas's.
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skoolmunkee at 6:01AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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I got a couple books, and my dog got a big ham bone from one person and a hand knitted scarf (which surely was meant for me?) from another. Supposedly I have a couple more coming, but Royal Mail is slow. :)

I made myself a pumpkin pie, chocolate fudge, cranberry muffins and cranberry bread (and still have some cranberries left…). I've pretty much got it covered. :) (I also bought myself all the Poirot DVDs and a breadmaker earlier this month… and an iPod and some lush bubble bath things… I think that's all I bought myself!)
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Aurora Borealis at 6:19AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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I got books mostly.

Two volumes of Tad William's Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy: Stone of Farewell and To Green Angel Tower part 1. I'm still waiting for the rest (since he bought the long out of print series from four different sellers), The Dragonbone Chair (first volume of series) and the second part of To Green Angel Tower.

Also got two book by William Burroughs: The Place of Dead Roads and The Ticket That Exploded and Haruki Murakami's “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”.

BUT, the best thing I got…

Philippe Druillet's Lone Sloane: Chaos :D

It's a 60+ page hardcover edition by Heavy Metal, a friend picked up one of the last copies on Amazon. And it look BRILLIANT! :D Also, the size is great… it's basically as tall as DC's Absolute editions, except it being a French comic makes it even wider than these. Still, the art inside could use even bigger format :D Print quality is great, high quality thick glossy paper, vibrant colors. Just amazing :)
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MailOrderClone at 7:22AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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My gifts were distinctly low-end. A copy of The Dark Knight on DVD and a paperback collection of the various works of Arthur Conan Doyle (specifically the Sherlock Holmes stories) being the highlights. For someone that fancies himself a writer, I certainly don't read as much as I should, so it's nice to get something that doesn't make be say to myself “I can write a better story then this” within the first two pages.

Anywho, the olive drab pants I got are surprisingly comfortable, and the little electronic 20 Questions game is pretty nifty too (even though it tends to take more then twenty questions to get what I'm getting at.) Otherwise, just clothes and golf supplies… which is a bit awkward since I've never actually been golfing in my life.

Still, not a bad haul.
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Druchii at 8:20AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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A couple of DS games (LOL! the game and Call Of Duty: World At War), a lot of Cars vehicles from the Pixar Movie of the same name (it's getting crazier to collect these damn cars since the sequel was officially announced, and I WILL have a miniature version of Radiator Spring in my basement someday!), a few movies (Hot Fuzz, Spider Man 3, and Wall-E), and some Hitachi power tools.
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CharleyHorse at 8:45AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Santa brought the wife a new laptop, and wasn't that nice of the old fellow? Aside from that we got so much in the way of candies and cookies that I'm nearly reaching the barf zone. Good though.

Oh and last night, at the wife's request, I cooked a seafood dinner of jumbo shrimp, salmon fillets, and lobster tails. Hint: marinade the shrimp in a sweet wine for about ten minutes and then broil them for seven minutes. Delicious! But make sure you are cooking jumbo shrimp. :whistling:
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crocty at 9:20AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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I'm not really around much anymore, but here's my Tumblr, Twitter, and Deviantart. Also if you remember me from back when I was around, I'm sorry.
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Skullbie at 10:21AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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We had a small christmas this year but it was very nice.

The weirdest things I got were a victoria's secret bra(kthx mom) and a bionicle figure(never had one before, he is very cool i wish i could design them) I got various other neat things. I think the best christmas present of all was my dog getting over her parvo, she ate a lot today and I will soon start disinfecting her yard.

Merry christmas everyone :)
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JoeL_CQB at 10:26AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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moneys for debts and payments.

and rock band songs.
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PIT_FACE at 10:26AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Chernobog at 11:40AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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I got a General Lee hat, some flannel pants, a few gift cards, unsalted rice cakes, toothpicks, and PB cheese crackers. My brother got some ramen. I can't afford even food right now so I gave him my train pass that has some credit left. It's a poor year for Chernobog's clan. :)

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Evil_Snuffkin at 11:53AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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I got some clothes, a few wii games, alcohol and some money. But the best present of all was being with by my family. *Puke*
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SeriousQuiche at 12:46PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Prismacolor Cool and Warm Gray Marker sets, clothes and Beatles Monopoly…X3

and Worstcase gave me Elvis Coasters for my new Apartment.
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lba at 1:11PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Permission to paint my walls in my apartment building with whatever murals I please so long as I provide sketches beforehand, a nice, BIG box of spray paint and supplies from the shop that sponsors me, a new computer printer, and several Speed Racer shirts to fuel my continuing addiction.
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Sysli at 1:58PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Muahaha, somebody HAD to ask.
I so love telling about the nifty things people get me. My friends and family are great at this.

I got, in no particular order:

- Wall-E (I think that movie is adorable, yes i do)
- Pom Poko (one of the few Ghibli movies I didn't have already)
- A penguin shaped backpack (because I <3 and hail our Penguin Overlords)
- An awesome hat (I like hats. I have more hats than I have shoes)
- Absolute Sandman volume 4 (My collection is now officially complete!)
- A cup, a bag of tea and a drawing (Tea = yaye)

And a few other things, but I'll just stop now.
Much joy.
Because I may as well show a bit of pride. ^___^

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HippieVan at 5:14PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Beatles Monopoly

Hey, my little sister and I got that too! It's awesome.

I also got an iPod touch, a green beret, some new records and a banana holder(I'm quite excited about this one). And lots of chocolate, of course.

Edit: Forgot to add that I also got a harmonica from one of my friends. He's going to teach me how to play. :)
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SarahN at 7:51PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Guitar Hero World Tour
Three necklaces
Weeeee lil' perfume.
New computer chair
A digital frame thingy
A box set of that old 80's Bubblegum Crisis anime
And CHOCOLATE! Lots of chocolate.

…don't think I'm forgetting anything.
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SpANG at 8:18PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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President Barack Obama

Sure, It'll be 26 days late, but I don't mind.:)
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lba at 8:21PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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Hippie Van
Edit: Forgot to add that I also got a harmonica from one of my friends. He's going to teach me how to play. :)

Step 1: Place mouth on Harmonica

Step 2: Blow

Step 3: Move Harmonica across lips

Repeat steps 1-3 until you have achieved sounds to your liking.

At least, that's my method since I just play it in my spare time while I'm waiting for the bus and whatnot.
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SeriousQuiche at 8:40PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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several Speed Racer shirts to fuel my continuing addiction.

Go Speed Racer Go!
Continuing addictions are fun. I should have thrown in that in addition to Beatles Monopoly, I also received BackBeat, a movie about the Beatles original fifth member, Stuart Sutcliffe. I heart the Beatles ever so much.

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HyenaHell at 8:56PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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I got mostly practical stuff- socks and drawers and whatnot. But my favorite? The “inexplicably out-of-print for like, 10 years” Volume 7 Poison Elves TP. I think I might have cried. Thanks, Dad!
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Croi Dhubh at 9:20PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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I got, literally, absolutely nothing this Christmas.

Well, okay, I guess I could consider the free download of WoW and Burning Crusade a gift, but he dude never said it was a gift…rather just a DL key so he could have someone to play with…and once my time is over I'd have to pay for it so…not really a gift at all…though it did get me addicted and I don't know why because I hate MMO's…

I would even have accepted getting ammunition…I'd love to go to the range…
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usedbooks at 9:40PM, Dec. 25, 2008
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I mostly got “girly” stuff – which I am very happy for, as I have been a fairly genderless student for the past 8 years and desire pretty stuff. Most notably I got two purses, a silver necklace and earrings (clip type but small and classy, which are tough to find). I also got a knife set, vegetable peeler, and potato masher, all things I am glad for because I enjoy cooking but never had a chance to in college. A few shirts both dressy and lounging, socks, stockings, and a bag of cashews. My mom finished making a throw blanket my sister started making for me a few years ago and presented that to me as well.

Also, my parents made a donation to World Vision for me. (I didn't have a wish list this year, so that was the thing I asked for.)
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LIZARD_B1TE at 4:54AM, Dec. 26, 2008
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I had a list of things I wanted, and I included a few really expensive things on it for two reasons: on the off-chance I'd actually get it (hardy-har-har), and as incentive to get the less expensive stuff.

So, naturally, I was expecting the less expensive stuff.

Also, I was expecting Left 4 Dead, which was the thing I REALLY wanted.

I didn't get it.

Instead, I got this big mysterious package. I looked at it, wondered just what the hell it could be, and came up with no answer. So, I opened it.

It was a PS3. I spent most of Christmas playing Guitar Hero and MGS4

Also, I got a bionicle; I get one of those every year.

There was candy and a book involved as well. Also gift cards and a check.
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ipokino at 6:43AM, Dec. 26, 2008
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This year I was treated to a new, minature digital camera. I know…whoopie. But I guess I tend to do things a bit backward. You see, I own a really nice Pentax digital SLR with all the trimmings and filters and lens you could ask for. It is a wonderful outfit and take great pics as you would know if you followed my book… however it had a couple of huge deficeits…sigh.

1: It was just too much to lug around (not to mention you look like a dingbat tourist) everywhere. Took too long to set up for a shot, and was frankly inconvenient for on-the-fly snap-age.
2: The worst thing…seems like when you start taking picture anywhere with a big SLR, people get all nervous or upset! You can't just walk into a place and get a couple of quick pictures or the manager will be telling you to go away…or even worse, a security gaurd will come tell you to quit or leave!!! I try to tell them its just for sets for my comic book…but nobody cares.

On the other hand, you can take pictures all day with your cell phone camera and no one gives a crap! So the compromise is in. I hate the resolution on cell phone cams, but can't use an SLR…so a mini digital…yaaaaaa!
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