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Proofreading and proofer/editors:
ipokino at 5:51PM, July 22, 2007
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I have noticed that there is a huge need for proofreading with a lot of the work being done here on DD. I won't say I'm the greatest at the task, but I figure I am not too shabby in the grammer, spelling, punctuation and editing department. Check my book, ‘Robot Wars’ to see how well I'm doing. Anyone who wants to take a whack with me proofing their work before posting, can send it to me PQ. It should be formatted like this:

Character: (Name of character) followed by the statement.

Narrative: Narrate

Use a double space when changed between characters or narrative threads.

Also, anyone out there who has skill at proofing, and wants to help out. PQ me and I will add you to my list. I cannot promise how long I will be available for this as I have a book which consumes boat loads of my time–not to mention a 48 hour a week job and a proprietory wife–but I will try to answer quickly and help as much as I can.
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