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Redux: Did you just update? Tell us why someone should visit your comic. But ONLY AFTER commenting about the comic BEFORE yours. ^_^
crazyninny at 1:55PM, March 18, 2008
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Wait… You mean… Those weren't lollipops? …
… … …
I hate you. <_<

And thats what those to get for stealing my Apple Crip repice! Damn those dirty bastards, DAMN YOU BOTH!!!


:: Updates today with a dish out of some more diss's. Ooooohhhh!!! And its still raining, someone has to roll up the windows, don't they?
Also, the return of the… Um… Egg timer… Yeah… Egg timer. *Shifty eyes. Shifty eyes.*
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Ziffy88 at 7:38PM, March 18, 2008
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Tick Tock!
Also angry lady!
and yes she'll fail!

Attention updates

and today is talking with a friend till an interruption anger again…
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Ozoneocean at 11:42PM, March 18, 2008
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Jebus, poor guy. That could be embarrassing… :(


Pinky TA updated today, after almost TWO months.
It has a bit of Pinky in her sexy gear, but mostly scenes of ships in peril.
There are also some cameos of some other DD comic characters in the last panel!

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Aurora Borealis at 1:12AM, March 19, 2008
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First page of Pinky TA I have read so absolutely no idea what's going on.

So I'll just say… looks intriguing, art is great.
But the font could be a tad bigger. :)
Sexy gear indeed.

Meanwhile… Din Krakatau updates with page #8 and the action finally starts!
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usedbooks at 3:20AM, March 19, 2008
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In part it's the coloring (which I really like for all the texture and interest) and in part the monsters, but Din Krakatau reminds me of a child's nightmare. Poor guy was wise enough to try to get out of there and then he's attacked by a tentacled beast! (Though the mysterious cloaked figure is more frightening, imo – despite saying not to kill him – yet?)


In Used Books, Seiko is headed home after dropping off a care package for a psychotic fugitive that she believes deserves a second chance. Unfortunately, her good deed has not brought good karma. She lost her cell phone and is catching a cold… and there is one other little problem too.
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dueeast at 5:35AM, March 19, 2008
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@ Used Books - I've really liked the look and feel of the last few UB pages. More closeups and thinking shots have really been giving an added depth to the pages (and they never were shallow lol! ). Great work!

Due East updated today. Now we get to see some of the fallout from Carolyn's rage. Also, plenty of DD cameos in the background today – come see!
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Terminal at 5:43AM, March 19, 2008
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@dueeast: Holy crap, that's some good directing there. The way the page was layed out, I really think that it would have worked without dialouge! :)

Somewhere in SF updates.
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albone at 6:45AM, March 19, 2008
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Chapter 3 starts so its a good time to jump on. Very cool art, great use of greytones. The last panel had me rolling, so all in all a fine read. Here's hoping someone gets slapped (per the last panel).


Rival Angels updates today, as we the formal introductions for the Fatal Four Way.
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Bradleyo at 8:39AM, March 19, 2008
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I've been reading Rival Angles for while, at first glance you may think it's light on action for a comic about womens wrestling. But it's more about the women them selves, and there relationships withone another outside the ring. The character development is great, the art is awesome and the action is just about explode.
Go check it out.

You should also check out Surfboards and RayGuns, wich is my comic. It's a fun surfing story with a bit of romance and a lot of sci-fi action.
I hope you like.
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simonitro at 12:25PM, March 19, 2008
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On Surfboards and Rayguns, it features a hot chick jumping on you and she wants to get you… she's coming out of a hologram-y circle… Matrix-y looking! :p


On The Burnhams, Sonya displays her Miss Attitudeness and shows you how to yell at the chief of police.

Enjoy… Las Vegas-y
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trevoramueller at 12:32PM, March 19, 2008
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Talk about hitting a guy when he's down, The Burnhams has one fiesty little chica beating up the local law enforcement - and right in front of a pretty important looking officer, to boot!


Chapter 6: The Way of the Samurai cover went live for Temple.

Trevor is annoyed by a sales clerk that thinks “bra” isn't something women use to support their breasts in @$$hole!
My Drunk Duck Comics:

Nominated for numerous web awards, see more news at My Website
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Skullbie at 1:15PM, March 19, 2008
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Haha XD I have to agree with Trevor, if it wasn't the wananbe gangsta look, boxers showing, and lecherous smile I sure wouldn't bye from a slerk saying ‘bra!’ XD


Plastic updated with my first ever color page by me, go check it out!
(Click sig link)
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JustNoPoint at 4:30PM, March 19, 2008
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@ Plastic: Why is it that the 1st time anyone colors it always looks so much better than all of my months of practicing?! HAHA Well this is one of them! You did a fantastic job with your colors!!!

The Devon Legacy finally updated again with what feels like forever since the last time :P
Why should you check it out? Because you get to see how most anyone would react if they left a very peaceful and quite world and jumped straight into a HUGE WAR!!!
Fenny finally returns to Earth on today's page after being away for 3 days!
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Katch at 6:26PM, March 19, 2008
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WOAH, such emotion in that page O_O
that's some pretty awesome coloring as well, your fans must be glad ^^
kudos on the battle~

Nu & Me just updated ^^ oh noez~!! hurry~!! run~!! jelly beans, M&M's and little candies first~!! The Nightmallow is here~!! >:3
Something goes here
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parkbenchbook at 7:23PM, March 19, 2008
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Nu & Me: A comic that you should check into Easter morning. I know I will. The creator has not promised anything Easter morning but I'm writing this assuming you haven't read it. For simplicity's sake, you wont be disappointed because these peeps are well represented.
The Surrealist continues a trippy dream sequence and was updated today.
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parkbenchbook at 7:41PM, March 19, 2008
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Nu & Me; Not to mention, when have you last seen a bunny in reading glasses or a ninja mask? What's that? Never?
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Katch at 8:35PM, March 19, 2008
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Daw thanks, yeah~ there is going to be craziness for Easter~

For the Surrealist, i really like the first panel in there, action + style~ nice ^^

RA just updated =D
lots of smoke, good decisions, swearing and looming evil shadows >:3
Something goes here
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PyThomas at 9:24PM, March 19, 2008
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Re: Revenge Addict - Well, you got me wondering what's gonna show up. Excellently plotted.

Today on Times Like This (go to if you still see dinosaurs): She was a tiiiime tripper… leaping decades, yeah…
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Fitz at 12:51AM, March 20, 2008
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Today's episode of Times Like These takes us to a very interesting moment in time: the Beatles playing on Ed Sullivan Show. Being a fan of the theirs (but not the love songs!) - me likes!

A Bit Cheesy updated today:

Mick and Ryan venture deeper into the darkness of the New York Public Library - only to discovere the light of civilization there… And pretty colors!
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PIT_FACE at 9:26AM, March 20, 2008
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a bit cheesey: is pretty bold with how this was colored. gives it a real old timey feel to it, which is especialy fitting with those books.but i mean bold in the sense, it's not done to often and i guess would be realy easy to screw up, but it cam eout great. and the dialogue has this godly presence about it makes makes for a scene that works. heh, and that bright light, ‘s how i felt when i woke up this morning.

PUTRID MEAT updated and i’m back doing the art myself!also i've announced the reaslease ofanother comic i'm part of and the putrid meat sludge and ooze
all and all it's been a pretty eventful day.
putrid meat is here:

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DAJB at 10:50AM, March 20, 2008
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You know those stories about alligators in the sewers? Well, they weren't alligators, they were crocodiles. And you know those crocodiles? Well, they became were-crocs - half man, half … well, you get the picture!

What? You don't believe me? It's true! I read it in Putrid Meat!


EDIT: Oops - simultaneous post with The Chronicles of Wyrden! Go read that, too. It's got shady characters being led out of dark alleys by even shadier characters, and a woman in an upstairs window calling the sort of call that gets you into dark alleys in the first place.

Best leave your credit cards at home!


No half-human crocodile hybrids in today's update to Shades, I'm afraid. Just a normal every day tale of someone who lived for two thousand years. Oh, and someone else who lived for five thousand …

What? You don't believe that either? Oh, what the hey - you should probably read it anyway. It's got a girl taking her clothes off.
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Doctor Shadow at 10:53AM, March 20, 2008
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Shades I'm running out of things to say about this British Superhero masterpiece, if you haven't read it…GO and read it! If you haven't favourited it, do so now! Today's update has some amusing dialogue and excellent character expressions, the final panel is a winner!

The Chronicles of Wyrden updates today with a mysterious cat-caller and the public's reaction upon seeing an Inquisitor of the Church of Progression. Jacob Scaro is closer to finding out those answers and perhaps getting the help he needs to save Isadora and her daughters.
A Ronin writer, a masterless samurai of the written word…
Updating: Thursdays. Now in glorious Ink Wash and Water Soluble Pencil! Reva's note: This is not created digitally, it's all hand drawn and inked.
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amanda at 12:00PM, March 20, 2008
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The Chronicles updates beautifully as always - I'm very intrigued by this Kalon (shoulda-been-named-Angus) figure and what his appearance will mean for Scar. Go read!
Salt updated today - we're back in the Rodakers' offensively decorated kitchen - and there's wailing and a hangover!
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crifmer at 1:21PM, March 20, 2008
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The cat picture is back! Yay cat picture!

Seriously.. I love the fact that they stormed the Ninja stronghold, got Daisy back, and Mrs. Rodaker is still drunk/hung over. Awesome.


Posted continues its adventure in hardboiled crime (or half-baked crime). This is one of the few strips I'm actually satisfied with.
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The letter E at 3:00PM, March 20, 2008
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This I like very much! You have certainly seemed to find a gimmick that works. The art is pretty good for a beginner and the writing is funny. Keep going and this will be even better, it certainly has potential.

You should visit my webcomic because it´s different in the way that it uses pictures and very little text to tell a story. While I know that my art sometimes can need some work, I´m happy with expressions and characters, plus it gets better as it moves along. It now has 28 pages, so there is some good reading there. Definately for those that can enjoy something a little different!
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Mister Kent at 1:14AM, March 21, 2008
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Leter E's Lone Wolf Adventurer: You forced me to scroll, and I liked it :D Very clever way of using a large page to further the story!

Triple Update tonight!

LD and the Actor ~ Ezra and the Cassandrae Ephemerus!

Lady Doom has TWO new pages ~ LD crashes in to battle her theatrical foe.
Blood Groove cuts ever closer to the truth in a flash of light.

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Frostflowers at 2:47AM, March 21, 2008
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I love verbose villains - there's something so delightfully cheesy about villains making speeches. :) Like the colourful look of it, too.

And Blood Groove's new page is pretty awesome, too. “Wow, you're shiny.” XD


Morphic updates today with a shouty, semi-splash page. It's got angry!Nicodemus on it. :)
The Continued Misadventures of Bonebird - a poor bird's quest for the ever-elusive and delicious apples.
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Aurora Borealis at 3:36AM, March 21, 2008
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Nicodemus makes me think of a whale hunter with his beard and hat :D

Clean, crispy art and good facial expressions.

Edit: Whoops! Forgot to plug my comic, haha.

Din Krakatau updates with the 9th page. Monster action continues (crazy hair day ensues, haha).
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Loud_G at 6:04AM, March 21, 2008
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LOL, “Don't humans need air?” Great. :D

Din Krakatau is an interesting new comic. It is creative and there seems to be a lot going on. Looks to be a fun ride. Nice texturing too.


George the Dragon updated today! That's right! You should go see this because if you don't George might eat you. Also, it is a late St. Patty's gag (had to wait til my update day so not to get thrown off schedule) :D
Find out what George is up to:

Go! Visit George or he may have to eat you!*
*Disclaimer: George may or may not eat violators depending on hunger level and scarcity of better tasting prey.
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albone at 6:32AM, March 21, 2008
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George makes a good point in this belated St. patrick's Day gag. It's to be expected when you stop on the way to Loch ness.


Rival Angels updates today and all I can say is 'Brass Knuckles."
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