Meet, Greet, Show and Sell*

Returning! Wahahahahahaha!
Faliat at 5:03PM, Oct. 17, 2006
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It has taken me at least two years. But now I'm finally back.

THis new setup confuses me, but I wil try and learn how to do it all!

I used to be called Ketoik, and I lost all my details and could never regain them ever again.

But ne ways. I'm staying here this time! And to make sure I do I'm making my first comic one of my most cherished stories which I will continue no matter what!

So, Yeoh! And don't beat me with the newb stick!

Call that jumped up metal rod a knife?
Watch mine go straight through a kevlar table, and if it dunt do the same to a certain gaixan's skull in my immediate vicinity after, I GET A F*****G REFUND! BUKKO, AH?!

- Rekkiy (NerveWire)
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xkyuketsuki at 10:51PM, Oct. 17, 2006
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ozoneocean at 2:29AM, Oct. 19, 2006
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Welcome back then!
I don't think anyone gets beaten with a noobstick here… If you see anyone holding noobsticks you should report them!
…Really, beating off your noobstick in public! Disgraceful behaviour… o_O
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